Settings Mediatrix APAs with FreePBX

First, here is a public Mediatrix document:
You must know that the new 41xx serie bases it's configuration on the same settings as the older (and constantly updated) series, so even if the PDF is oriented toward the newer 41xx serie, older units are configured the same exact way.

As of october 2007 Mediatrix produce several APA Products:
1204: A 4 port FXO device, not covered here, but a good gateway.
2102/1102: Both similar in look, the 2102 is the residential version of the more-configurable 1102 2 ports FXS.
1104: 4 ports FXS
1124: 24 ports FXS
41xx: New design of FXS adapters

All of these can have a PSTN fail-over ports, meaning as soon as the device loose the SIP registration, power or ethernet connectivity, the device switch gacefully to PSTN. A nice feature for the office. Older products may lack this feature, so do not assume they have it if purchased from eBay.

I have succesfully configured a horde of 1102 on my asterisk 1.2.23 with FreePBX 2.2.3.
Start by making sure you have the latest firmware on your device, new firmwares are free to download from the support page.
If your device is "locked" to a specific provider, then, you are out of luck! (Again, eBay savvy users, beware!)

Just followed the instruction in the above document, but if you use FreePBX, you can create your extensions the usual FreePBX way, leaving only the Mediatrix units to configure, and enjoy :P

If you have a 2102, the web page description of the PDF may be innacurate, as the "residential" page lacks lot of option. They are, however, all in the MIBS. In the PDF, there is a description as to how to change an Interop setting for call transfer, you can browse the whole MIB structure and configure all of your device from there (without the web page!).

That's about it.
My whole office is running on a asterisk PBX based on trixbox 2.2.4, with as the multi-channel trunk and a large lot of 1102 to drive the analog phones. I'm very satisfied with the mediatrix units: They sound good, have the best echo cancellation out there, and are extremely configurable. If something is annoying you, there is for sure a MIB to change the specific behaviour of the unit on this.
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