Predictive Dialer for Asterisk

The link above at sourceforge is quite old, but does get you a feel for the product. The database backend is still PostgreSQL and it uses stock Asterisk parts, along with some freely available patches of mine that are either already in or waiting to go in on the bug tracker. However, the Tcl code that makes it all work is no longer completely free.

The new commercial version is shown below. The cross-platform administrative interface allows for multiple dialers, changing books, and statistics. Each dialer is connected to six agent stations with USB 2x20 character LCD displays, so there's no need to buy each of your agents their own computer.

This solution is designed for small businesses. Please visit Penguin PBX Solutions for information on customizing this product to meet your needs.

(Please forgive the lack of a border around this screenshot — I don't like borders on my windows (:lol:))


Asterisk Addons
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