ShoreTel 210

ShoreTel 210 IP Telephone

Summary and Status

This phone only supports MGCP and is light on technical documentation. Clearly ShoreTel wants this phone to be used with their PBX and switches and to be set up by a vendor (who hopefully gets more documentation than I am able to Google).

  • The configuration shown below is limited to one RTP stream because the phone is unable (or unwilling) to send RTP to any port other than 5004. By limiting Asterisk to ports 5004-5005 in rtp.conf we are able to get one RTP stream going.

  • This phone, as configured, drops calls. Every 120 seconds the phone sends a MGCP RSIP (ReStart In Progress) and asterisk closes down the call.

I don't know how to resolve either of these issues, but at least I can document this as a starting point.







port = 2727
bindaddr =


host =
context = home
callerid = "ShoreTel" <4368>
dtmfmode = inband
accountcode = 1000 ; record this in cdr as account identification for billing
amaflags = billing ; record this in cdr as flagged for 'billing', 'documentation', or 'omit'
callwaiting = no
callreturn = no
cancallforward = no
canreinvite = no
transfer = no
line => SHOR_001049007E83 ;you will see the line ID in a registration failure at the * console if you have it wrong

Created by: turtlendog, Last modification: Mon 16 of May, 2005 (17:01 UTC)
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