SignalSys SP200X1S1O


The SP200X-1S1O has one FXS ports for connection to analog phone, fax, and PBX. It has one FXO port for conneciton to PSTN. This device allows user to make calls and receive calls from both IP and PSTN. The SP200X-1S1O has a built-in DSL/Cable gateway router. SP200X-1S1O has one WAN port, which can be connected to your Cable/DSL modem or ISP network directly. SP200X-1S1O has one LAN port, which can be connected to your computer or hub.

See detail at SignalSys's web site. or


Built-in router
Call waiting, 3 way conference, etc.
T.38 Fax
G711, G729, G723, G726
Quality of Service (QoS)
Clear, natural-sounding voice quality
High performance echo cancellation
VAD saves bandwidth
Dynamic network monitoring to reduce jitter artifact
Auto-provisioning with mass deployment server
Web configuration interface

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