From their web page (slight mods 11/14):

SimpleConnect your SIP Hardware/Software or Asterisk PBX and connect to most of the world for 1.7�

  • No minimums or commitments - pay only for what you use
  • Use SIP and get Great Rates
  • High-Quality SIP termination anywhere in the world
  • Great Tech Support
  • SimpleConnect Dashboard for real-time support, call
information and account configuration

NOTE: Reports that Free Trial to US/Canada toll free numbers (800/877/855/888/866) requires a credit card are incorrect - you CAN add a paid plan or not during the Free Trial signup. Free trial signup is at

NOTE: Although the Front page says they're no longer accepting new customers (due to them upgrading) the []] free trial page works. so see if they let you in.

NOTE: As of July 1, 2005 they appear to be totally off the air. The SIP servers and website are down and in fact the DNS servers for the entire domain are dead. Their published phone number 775.324.3994 has been disconnected with no forwarding number.

VOIP Service Providers
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