SIP Broker


Call over 2,000 VoIP networks for free!

SIP Broker is a free service that provides unlimited VoIP calls to millions of people around the world. No signup is necessary.

How Does It Work?

Simply find the SIP-Code for the network you wish to reach in the Network Directory and enter it into your phone followed by your friend's phone number. Your call will be connected, free of charge!


Your friend uses SIPphone as their VoIP provider. Your friend's VoIP number is 555-1212. Find SIPphone in the list, which is *747. Simply dial *747 555-1212 and you're connected!

Also, if you don't have access to a VoIP phone, you can dial any one of our Access Numbers available in over 20 countries around the world. At the voice prompt, just dial the VoIP number as described above.

For more information, visit our FAQ or Support Forum.

The makers of SIP Broker have also developed a powerful digital communications service called VoXaLot
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