The SIPit, or Session Initiation Protocol Interoperability Test, is a weeklong event where people bring their SIP implementations to ensure they work together.
Each SIPit is open to anyone with a working SIP implementation. The goal of the events is to refine both the protocol and its implementations. SIPit is a driving force shaping SIP into a globally interoperable protocol for real time Internet communication services.

Currently, SIPit is held twice a year. Different companies or organizations host each event, and each host chooses the venue.

This is an event for all SIP developers and all implementations of SIP. Membership in the SIP Forum is not a requirement for participation.

The SIP Forum coordinates these events (Robert Sparks is the current coordinator).

  • SIPit 25 was held at the Interoperability labs, University of New Hampshire in Sept 2009
  • SIPit 26 was held in Stockholm, Sweden May 17-21, 2010, hosted by Edvina AB
  • SIPit 29 was held in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Oct 21-25, Hosted by ETSI


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