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2009-02-24 - Product Discontinued? Website no longer found.
2009-10-30 - Similar product can be found on - WebPhone (click on the test button for a demo)
2009-11-12 - Similar product can be found on - (Doddle - SIP Online WebPhone)
2010-07-06 - Similar product can be found at Webphone - (browser applet)

Weblinks for SIP WebPhone.

SipLinks enables CUSTOMIZABLE WebPhones for your website. We provide you with a web link that can be placed anywhere on your web site. It enables your site visitors to make SIP based phone calls to a pre-designated number assigned by you.

You can specify the URL of your SIP WebPhone skin, picture logo and greeting message.

This is based on a hosted service model. We provide you with a hyperlink that you can put on your website. Visitor to your website can make SIP based phone calls. You must have an account with a service provider to be able to use this service.

We are currently in BETA.
(The Phone is not BETA, however the e-commerce delivery system is BETA)

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