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Sipcat is a software IP telephony system that helps businesses increase productivity and reduce telecommunication costs. It allows you to start running your own voice over IP PBX in a matter of minutes. It contains a complete Linux distribution, including Asterisk and all required 3rd party software.

Unlike many other Asterisk based solutions, Sipcat is a software only package. You don't have to buy a turn-key computer system with our software pre-installed. Just download our fully functional, free version from our website and start exploring. Our free download is provides all functionality you get in the commercial license, and is not limited in any way, except that you can only configure up to 4 users.

Using the easy installer, you will be able to setup your Sipcat VoIP system in under 15 minutes. Sipcat also provides automatic configuration of the most popular IP telephones, such as Cisco, Grandstream, Linksys, Snom, etc. so you don't have to lose any time going through the phones' complex web interface. Try it out yourself, and you'll see why many people are choosing for Sipcat above all the others.

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