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Siptronic is a European whole saler and distributor of Siptronic, Grandstream, Cisco, Nortel and other VoIP brands.


  • ST-100: ST-100 SIP and IAX2 VOIP Phone
  • ST-102: ST-102 SIP and IAX2 VOIP Phone
  • ST-150: ST-150 SIP and IAX2 VOIP Phone
  • ST-302: ST-302 SIP and IAX2 VOIP Phone

If you are a VoiP-Service Provider and looking for good quality phones with good design and a very attractive price level you should have a look at the
Siptronic ST-100 IP-telephone:

Siptronic ST-100 Feature List:

  • SIP (works with all leading SIPInternet Telephony Service Providers)
  • H.323 v4
  • built in H.323 proxy support to pass NAT
  • fast start and H.245 tunnelling
  • RJ45
  • caller ID
  • direct IP address to IP address call mode, direct PSTN call via a voice gateway
  • number call under the mode of GK
  • automatic gatekeeper discovery (in LAN)
  • call PSTN by ITSPs prepaid card
  • DHCP support for automatically assigned IP addresses
  • PPPoE support for ADSL or Cable modems
  • configuration via standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), phone keypad or standard telnet
  • supports voice codecs: G.723.1 (5.3k/6.3k), G.729, G.711a, G.711u
  • dynamic voice detection; echo cancellation; comfort noise generation
  • dynamic voice jitter buffer to minimize audio delay and jitter
  • 40 entries each for missed calls, answered calls and dialled calls
  • 112 entries for quick dial
  • 16 entries for voice message
  • LCD display: dial data, caller name, caller number etc.
  • diodes (red, yellow, green) indicating the status (logged on/off etc.)
  • speed dialling
  • adjustable volume for both handset and speaker
  • 14 function keys
  • voice prompt
  • firmware upgrade by TFTP
  • available in black and white

Dealer, VoIP-Service Provider, Whole Saler inquires are welcome!


Siptronic ST-100 IP-Telephone

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Siptronic Ltd.

Next Generation VoIP Solutions
Kapellenstr. 2
63755 Alzenau
Tel.: +49 89 4209 55032
Fax: +49 1212 / 5104 3081 8



ST-102(2x RJ45) /ST-150(2x RJ45) and ST-302(2x RJ45)
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