Sipura Technology Inc.

Sipura was purchased by Linksys and the Sipura product line has been rebranded to Linksys
Update Jan 2009: Linksys Voice products (what was sipura) are now going to be rebranded as Cisco

Makers of some of the most popular SIP ATAs available:


While Sipura has excellent documentation for configuration and provisioning of their equipment, this documentation is only available to Service Providers and Resellers.
Please contact if you need this information. The Sipura products have literally hundreds of configuration options, and can be quite daunting to configure.

The only documentation publicly accessible is the Sipura ATA Userguide for firmware v2.0.9. This is a mamoth 87 page document that provides quite a bit of information about the various configuration parameters. But, it only goes as far as v.2.0.9 of the firmware. Many of the newer parameters need to be documented but Sipura does not plan on releasing any new documentation.

The PDF UserGuide is a good start but an online version with a little more detail would be better. Therefore, you will find a more detailed Sipura Documentation based on the Advanced/admin Web pages.

Web Stores Selling Sipura Products


Founders of Sipura developed the Cisco ATA-186 long ago.


See Also:

  • SPA Syslog setup to capture logging information from your SPA (not just debugging information like the link above).

Mass Deployment:

How do I upgrade my Sipura without using the Sipura supplied Windows utility?

First, go to to find the latest firmware. Download to a local computer and name the file spa.bin


1. If necessary, install a TFTP server on a PC on the same local subnet as the SPA device (e.g. you may use the free TFTP server software from Most Linux distributions include a tftp server.
2. Place the firmware upgrade "spa_whatever.bin" file in the tftp root directory of the active TFTP server.
3. Determine the IP address of the powered-up SPA (IVR menu ****#110#).
4. Request the upgrade from a web browser. If the TFTP server is running on the same computer: assuming a.b.c.d is the SPA ip address, http://a.b.c.d/upgrade?/spa.bin. If the tftp server is on a different computer (a.b.c.d is the SPA address, x.y.z.w is the tftp server address), use the following URL: http://a.b.c.d/upgrade?tftp://x.y.z.w/spa.bin
5. The SPA should then get the new firmware from the TFTP server and reboot.


1. Upload this file to directory on your webserver. (Example )
2. Request the upgrade from a web browser. Assuming a.b.c.d is the SPA ip address then type http://a.b.c.d/upgrade? into your browser.
3. Now you should be redirected to a wait screen and your sipura phone should be flashing while it upgrades its firmware. Be patient.

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