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This page tries to better document the configuration parameters of the Sipura SPA product line. The only publicly available documentation is the Sipura ATA UserGuide for firmware v2.0.9. While this document has very good coverage of the configuration parameters, it is not current with the new parameters added since firmware v2.0.9. Additionally, many of the parameters are given only a single line of description. With many more users aquiring and starting on the road to self-provisioning, those people would benefit from much more detail than what they can glean from the UserGuide. Hopefully, they will find it here.

Layout of the Documentation

The documentation for the configuration parameters will follow the flow from the advanced/admin web pages of the SPA. Each tab will be presented with a list of the parameters and their description. Additionally, Use Cases for the variable will be presented as well. This will help you understand when you should use this parameter and what might be some possible values.

Example Configurations

I'm surprised there hasn't been wiki pages devoted to getting the SPAs working with different VoIP Service Providers. This might have been due to the fact that many of the SPAs were maintained by or locked to a particular VSP. That has changed much with the October 2005 Vonage Unlocking and Staples $0 Linksys PAP2 offer.

Advanced/admin Web page Tabs

Other notes about configuration

Disable tone when another incoming call arrives

Sometimes it's not comfortable to hear a tone when another incoming call arrives, while conversation. To disable this feature, just login as admin into the Sipura device, then select no for the item LineX -> Call Waiting Serv for each account, finally press Submit All Changes

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