Sipura Syslogging Interpretation

Explanation of the Syslogging Info Coming from the SPA

Here are some general explanation for what to look for in the syslog messages generated by an SPA.

  • SIP REGISTER to a SIP Proxy that requires authentication. A SIP REGISTER is how the SPA informs the SIP Proxy of its presence. Once registered, the SIP Proxy can begin routing calls to the SPA.
  • SIP INVITE to initiate an outgoing call from the SPA to the phone number 1-800-555-1212 through the SIP Proxy The SIP Proxy requires authentication. The SPA hangs up the connection before the other end can pickup the call.
  • Complete Outgoing Call to 1-800-555-1212.
  • Incoming SIP INVITE for an incoming call trying to ring the FXS port of the SPA.
  • Message Waiting Indicator from the SIP Proxy to the SPA

  • SIP Port: 5062 (SPA SIP Port)
  • SIP Proxy Server:
  • SPA IP address:
  • User ID: spa1
  • Display Name: Good Body

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