Skip2PBX is an ingenious and extremely thorough Enterprise solution for interfacing between any PBX and Skype.
Supports up to 30 Skype calls on a single gateway.
Designed with a unique and powerful Linux core, Skip2PBX boasts Network Security and a stability that outperforms Microsoft-based alternatives. Working with a variety of PCI cards, analog, digital, USB boxes and/or SIP, Skip2PBX is now particularly adept at interfacing with Asterisk while implementing Skype calls. Preconfiguration for Asterisk and other SIP How-to Help can be found through their Commercial and Support channels at

Skip2PBX's main features:

  • Supports up to 30 concurrent lines on a single PC.
  • Analog, ISDN BRI and PRI PCI Card Support (Digium, Eicon, Sangoma)
  • FXO/FXS Support even in mixed mode
  • SIP Support (G711)
  • Customizable audio notification
  • Inbound Call support through DISA or with FXO cards
  • Direct association between Caller and Recipient for automatic inbound routing
  • CallerID support
  • Multiuser access levels
  • Support for Skype Conference Calls
  • Supports the "Answer Supervision" feature.
  • Automatic configuration of Skype's user profiles
  • Transfer of Call Logs through FTP or E-mail
  • Automatic insert of caller profile into your Address Book
  • Automatically finds the first free line on incoming calls (*i.e. multiple incoming calls to the same Skype number. This is a feature unique to Skip2PBX !)
  • Complete Address book with Company and Contacts info
  • Each single acount can be enabled or disabled upon user request
  • Skype call recording on mp3 files
  • Policy on incoming calls and call "rules"
  • Policy on outgoing calls, call "rules" user logins and authorizations
  • No Virus and Spyware risks
  • NO NEED to install Skype on each company PC !
  • Automatic Backups
  • Developers API available for integration into other software

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