SkySipTel are one of the providers of business class VoIP. We understand the importance of communication in business, that is why we only provide high quality calls

SkySipTel are now offering an all in one solution for business communication. We provide everything from callshops services to business class VoIP. Visit our website for more details SkySipTel

Why Choose SkySIpTel?

With SkySipTel all your calls go over our network meaning maximum security and maximum call quality. We have an excellent technical team with years of experience in the telecoms industry to ensure our clients are at the cutting edge of technology. We are so sure that you will like SkySipTel Premium VOIP quality, that we guarantee it in writing.

What Services Do SkySipTel Provide?

  • Top Class VoIP - All our calls are of the highest quality so that all our clients can enjoy perfect conversations at low prices. SkySipTel's calls are carried over our secure network so that our customers can be sure that no-one can listen in. See how much you can save SkySipTel Rates

  • Reselling and White Label - SkySipTel offer attractive reselling and white label solutions at attractive prices. See our website for more details and we can give you all the information you need to see how you can become one of our partners. SkySipTel Reseller Information

  • Geographic and Non-Geographic Numbers - SkySipTel offer a range of numbers from as little as €3.99 so that your business can have a memorable unique identity. More and more communication is done over the phone so it is important that your number says something about your business. Check out our website for more information SkySipTel Inbound Numbers

SkySipTel for more details, or Email

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