A proprietary protocol VOIP system built using Peer-to-peer (P2P) techniques. Free for non commercial use when using softphones (PC to PC). Offers toll access to PSTN via SkypeOut and SkypeIn. From the company that created KaZaA. Now owned by Microsoft.

Licenses the Global IP Sound VoiceEngine suite of codecs and related software including their wideband codecs (double the width of regular pstn.) If you find yourself asking, "why does Skype sound so good?", the answer is primarily this wideband ability.

Quote from website:

"I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype", Michael Powell, chairman, Federal Communications Commission, explained. "When the inventors of KaZaA are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and it's free. It's over. The world will change now inevitably."

-- Fortune Magazine, 16th February 2004

Skype PSTN Gateway: Rates

Skype/SIP gateway setup instructions for FreePBX/Asterisk systems: Why Wait? Build Your Own Skype Gateway to Asterisk

Skype API:

An analysis of the protocol with focus on NAT capabilities and audio compression (PDF)

Related Products

  • chan_skype GUI - WEB interface to manage chan_skype for Asterisk. Release notes and instructions.
  • IsrealNumber offer a hosted VoIP to Skype service. We offer a trunk setup, on a fix number of channels, at a set price. A simple way to provide your users the option to receive their calls, on their Skype user.
  • IVR for Skype Open Source C#. No hardware required.
  • AirTouch AirTouch provides Enterprise Strength Solutions based on Skype.
  • PrettyMay Call Center for Skype - Set up your own Skype Phone System within 10 minutes.
  • NPBX4Sky DMLink's NPBX4Sky Make or Receive Skype Calls from Any Phone, wherever you are.
  • MyToGo Allows ANY phone to use Skype even iphones and it's FREE
  • SipToSis Gateway for Skype - Call Skype Users to and from your SIP PBX or ATA.
  • Call transfer Free program transfers Skype to Skype calls to Skype names and PTSN numbers
  • Spintronics:Skype PBX/PABX/ISDN/E1-PRI Gateways
  • UCTS Skype Chat Language Translator and Speaker, 14 Languages 51 voices
  • ULRTCS for Skype - Automatically speaks Skype chat messages
  • ULRTMT for Skype - Automatically translates Skype chat languages
  • Skype Solutions Offering Skype USB Phone and Adapters
  • Atcom USB ATA ,with 1 fxs 1 fxo, au-600 forward skype to your mobile phone. Has been successfully used in conjunction with an Asterisk FXO as a single-channel Skype to Asterisk gateway.
  • Atcom USB Phone ,au-100 also support x-pro/x-lite/msn/eyebeam/etc.
  • Atcom USB Phone ,au-100 also support x-pro/x-lite/msn/eyebeam/etc.
  • Bitwalker Boomerang A Skype based web callback system (AKA Click to Call).
  • ++Skype C++ library for skype add-on platform independent software development. It is platform independent, easy to use, and easy to extend because of the flexible library design, inspired by modern C++ design ideas.
  • Bombino Skype plugin for creating conferences on-demand via SMS. After being installed it acts as a server. It receives SMS-commands from a (remote) user, checks privileges and creates the requested conference. It can be used to call Skype user from ordinary PSTN phone.

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