Skype ISDN Gateway

Skype Gateways for Europe & Japan Market

<Bring the Connectivity to ISDN BRI Communication Standards>


1.Save Money: Employees can talk on Skype for free and SkypeOut for low-rate call without PC
2.Serve Customers: Provide SkypeIn numbers as local call and Skype/Web call for FREE
3.Quick Call: Use Company’s phone to make a simple call by Prefix-Handle and smart PhoneBook
4.Easy Installation: Directly connect to Switch/PBX and Plug & Play (10-minute installation)
5.Smart Configuration: Solve the issues of Bandwidth & Information Security by independent xDSL
6.Network Management: Monitor Skype Gateways & Accounts by Web-Administration
7.Useful Solution: New Applications for old ISDN PBX (Soft-phone, Web Call, Least-Cost-Routing, etc)
8.Perfect Billing: Billing by ISDN MSN & PBX to provide call service immediately

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