Skype vs Vonage

In looking at Skype vs Vonage, both are VoIP phone service providers that work on many types of home phones, computer systems, and mobile devices.

Although both services use VoIP, both have many differences. Skype uses a peer-to-peer network with encryption to manage calls, while Vonage uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) without encryption to make phone calls.

Skype vs Vonage Features

Both VoIP Internet phone services offer:

  • Free app-to-app calls
  • Free app-to-app texting
  • Works on WiFi and 3G/4G
  • Video calls

Vonage provides these additional services and features:

  • Use existing address book
  • Conference calls
  • Purchase credit in app
  • Enhanced 911 (requires registration)
  • Caller ID using mobile number (Skype has a separate online or Skype To Go number for purchase)
  • Offline access to contacts, recent calls and chat history

On the other hand, Skype offers these features that Vonage does not have:

  • Group video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • File sending

Skype vs Vonage: Available Platforms

In evaluating Skype vs Vonage, both are Internet phone services that function on a variety of

Vonage is available on:

  • Home phones (landlines)
  • PC or Mac
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)
  • Android mobile devices

Skype runs on a variety of platforms:

  • Home phones
  • Windows, Mac or Linux platforms
  • Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and iTouch)
  • Blackberry and Android phones
  • Verizon phones
  • Symbian phones
  • PlayStation Vita (gaming)
  • Skype-ready cordless phones
  • Televisions (Skype Ready TVs and current TVs with Blu-ray or telyHD players)

Skype vs Vonage Cost

The only free Skype services are for Skype-to-Skype calls, one-to-one video calls, instant messaging, and screen sharing. Pay-as-you-go rates are a minimum of 2.3ยข, not including connection fees for international calls.

Monthly subscription rates range from $2.99 (unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada) to $13.99 (unlimited international calls). For countries other than the U.S. and Canada, there are options to purchase 60, 120, 400, or unlimited minutes every month.

The last option is Skype Premium, which costs $4.99 per month for these features:

  • Group video calling
  • Group screen sharing
  • No partner advertising
  • Live chat customer support
  • Unlimited calling to one country

As for Vonage, Vonage offers domestic and international calling plans.

Service costs for domestic phone calls are $9.99 a month for unlimited local and long distance in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. This price is only for the first 3 months and then it is $24.99 per month for a one-year agreement.

Vonage also has limited minute options. For 300 minutes, it costs $11.99, plus taxes and fees, per month for a one-year agreement. For 750 minutes, this plan costs $19.99 a month.

Vonage also has domestic small business calling plans. A small business premium plan with unlimited minutes costs $49.99 a month. A basic small business plan with 1500 minutes costs $39.99.

For international calling plans, extensions and phone adapters are included with the service. Vonage World costs $9.99 a month for 3 months, then $25.99 a month. The other call plan is $54.99 a month for unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as 1000 premium minutes to certain countries.

For Vonage Mobile, users can make free calls to the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico for up to 3000 minutes each month.

International call rates are as low as $0.01 per minute. Standard data rates may apply.

Skype vs Vonage: Devices for Home Service

In examining Skype vs Vonage, both requires additional hardware for its home phone services.

Skype has a FREETALK phone adapter that costs $59.99. This home phone adapter, when connected to a home phone and an Internet connection, allows users to make Skype-to-Skype and international calls.

The Vonage router connects up to 3 computers and 2 telephones or fax machines. Users will need to have a touchtone phone, as well as cable or DSL Internet connections.

The Vonage kit includes a Vonage-certified Linksys RT31P2 router with 2 phone ports and 3 switched Ethernet ports, as well as the following:

  • Power adapter
  • Network cable
  • Quick Installation card
  • Registration card
  • Setup CD with user's guide
  • Vonage phone plan and support information

The official name for the Vonage router is the Vonage Box, which is labeled as a VoIP phone adapter. The cost of the Vonage router is $79.99, but the Vonage phone service occasionally offers an instant rebate of the same amount.

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