Skyy Consulting Predictive Dialer

Skyy Consulting has developed a production level Asterisk Predictive Dialer which has a J2EE core. The service was developed with the following features:

  • Clustered operation handling 100's of servers, and 1000's of simultaneous phone calls
  • Answering Machine, Live Answer, Mixed, and VoterVoiceConnect (SM) Dialing Campaigns
  • Live Reports and Easy-To-Use UI
  • Intricate modifications that allow DTMF reliability when transfered multiple times over SIP
  • Simple User interface with Struts Front End
  • Backend using JBOSS and JMS Messaging for Reliability

The project has commercial backing which will put the system through a load test of a million calls a day on a consistent basis. For more information, please visit the following links: Asterisk Auto Dialer or Asterisk Predictive Dialer.

Please visit for more information. CallFire usage features include:

  • Easy Campaign Creation
Our interface allows you to quickly create: Live Answer Only, Answering Machine Only, or Mixed campaigns (with or without Transfers.)

  • Easy Campaign Management
Start and stop campaigns with the click of a button. You can run multiple campaigns at once or one at a time.

Dial 1000's of simultanous calls, without the cost of owning multiple T1's or even a DS3.

  • Caller-ID
Set the caller-id that your recipients will see when you dial using CallFire.

  • Campaign Speed & Predictive Dialing
Easily change the speed at which your campaign dials or (for predictive campaigns) how many agents you have at your call center

  • Excellent Sound Quality
We use high-quality SIP providers to ensure that our phone calls sound great. We rigorously test and use multiple providers to ensure a high quality of service.

  • Comprehensive Campaign Statistics
Our easy-to-use web interface allows you to quickly view and download the outcome of each of your campaigns. was a predictive dialer originally developed for:

If interested in a demo, please contact us at or visit Skyy Consulting. Thank You.

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