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A function
1 Based on the Cheong letter Tat IAXOCX control, the MVBCTI control and WEBCTI interface development. Integrated CTI toolbar, calls play the screen, fax, SMS, conference intelligent agent client.
2 is completely free, no ads, no usage restrictions.
3 seats on the assembly line, to show favor to show free adapter (telephone, voice, fax), to maintain, service evaluation, monitor, Override, demolitions, the three parties, the replacement of commonly used agents such as job number function.
4 Call the taskbar bubbles to remind the characters of the screen display, refresh, or pop-up browser.
5 integrated softphone capabilities based on IAXOCX controls.
6 built-in conference call management module may initiate, manage, monitor the conference call.
7 built-in fax client, the reality platform fax list, view, send a fax.
8 built-in SMS client, you can send and receive SMS.
9 Built-in seating, queue monitoring module, real-time monitoring of each queue, agents working conditions.
10 real-time display the current list of all calls, Right Override monitor demolitions.
11 Embedded platform management interface, the platform of any module can be embedded in the menu tree.
12 C / S architecture, built-in browser, calls can trigger the event of the HTML page definition calls, third-party applications without writing any code can be quickly and seamlessly integrated call center functions.
13 supports HTML page using JavaScript directly call each feature of the toolbar functions (such as dial: window.external.dial, ("8033");).
14 third-party browser to use a single line of code calls the function of any button calls event-triggered, third-party programs to achieve a Oncalled event function, you can handle their own shells screen.

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