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Standard Features

  • At your finger tips, easy switching between locations/connections.
  • Balloon Tips
  • Call Log
o Dial directly from Call Log
o Searchable
  • Command line dialing
  • Easily drag and drop phone numbers into Snap
  • Enhanced Caller ID when dialing
o For Outlook users, searches contacts for the proper caller id name
  • Hides in the System Tray and does not bother you with annoying pop-ups or other nuisances
  • Redial recently used phone numbers quickly
  • Intuitive interface, Fast learning curve
  • Message waiting indicator
  • "Mini Snap" bar, efficiently use your screen's real estate
o Tight integration for Outlook users, Searches Outlook contacts, open them quickly
  • Multi-Connection Technology
  • Recent calls in the System Tray
  • Simple Installation
  • Supports automatic updates

Asterisk Management API Connection

  • Easy access to voice mail extension
  • Call Status on incoming and outgoing calls
o Call timer
o Easily redial after a call is hung up or disconnected
o Hangup Calls
o For Outlook Users
+ Contact Picture (if available) shown on Call Status window+ Enhanced caller name retreived from Address Book+ Quick acess to open contact in Outlooko Transfer Calls
  • CRM Support
o Automatically open CRM when phone Rings or is Answered (or none, can be opened manually)
o Pop up any web site and pass caller information (works with Sugar CRM!)
o Pass caller information to any program (passes parameters)
o Use a regular expression to avoid poping on internal extensions
  • Letters are automatically dialed as numbers
  • Message Waiting Indicator in system tray (MWI)
  • Notification when connection is lost
  • Shows mailbox voicemail count
  • More features coming soon...

Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

  • Custom actions are presented on Smart Tag menu
  • Detected phone numbers are underlined with dots
  • Supports Excel 2003
  • Supports Word 2003
  • Supports PowerPoint 2003

Microsoft Outlook

  • Contacts are searchable from the "Mini Snap" bar
  • Dial from Address Book
  • Dial from detailed Contact View
  • Smart Tags for phone numbers when composing an e-mail and Word is the e-mail editor
  • Supports Outlook 2000
  • Supports Outlook 2002
  • Supports Outlook 2003
  • More features coming soon...

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