Snom 870

Snom 870 SIP based 12-line IP phone


The snom 870 VoIP telephone is our latest innovation for all modern people who need sophisticated future oriented technology combined with highest user friendliness. The large high-resolution TFT color display is
not only larger than the one of its little brother snom 821, but it also offers an advancement in technical innovation. This newly developed touch screen has a unique intuitive user interface. Thus the snom 870 enables the user to easily handle even complex applications like call swapping, or establishment of conference calls for five participants via simple drag and drop.

The well-arranged address book ensures that each caller can be quickly identifi ed. It offers room for additional information such as company affi liation, e-mail address and much more. The control elements on the display are designed for active call handling so that the right contact is selected even in multiple call scenarios.

The audio quality of the snom 870 matches the high standards that snom customers have come to expect: wideband audio with silence suppression and voice activity detection. The integrated XML mini browser provides a wide range of additional applications. Whether it is the control of an external USB monitoring camera or accessing the most important stock exchange data; the snom 870 offers a lot of room for extras.

No matter where the snom 870 is used, it is prepared for anything: conventional power supply via wall socket, Power over Ethernet (PoE), or WLAN through USB; the snom 870 adapts to any working environment.A secure connection via VPN, TLS
and SRTP, which prevents the recording of data, completes the picture.

Already familiar from the snom 821 the dual 33° or 55° angle footstand,made of sturdy metal, makes all control elements easily visible and accessible.

With the snom 870 the user gets comfortable access to numerous functions that are very rarely offered in such abundance and convenience by any other device.


  • 4.3” TFT Touch display with 24 bit color depth
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • 2 x Type A USB – WLAN ready
  • Wideband Audio
  • Local 5-way conferencing on the phone
  • snom CTI and snom OCS edition ready
  • Power over Ethernet
  • SIP RFC3261
  • Security: SIPS/SRTP, TLS,IEEE 802.1X
  • National Language Support
  • XML Mini Browser


  • Weight: approx. 920g (690g without stand)
  • Certificates: FCC Class B, CE Mark
  • Security: IEC 60950-1:2001,CB test certificate: DE 2-008417
  • 1 x LAN, 1 x PC: RJ45 (Ethernet)
  • Voltage: 5V DC
  • Power Consumption: 4-7 Watts (without USB peripherals)
  • Ethernet: Gigabit Switch, 2 ports
  • Power over network (PoE): IEEE 802.3af, Class 1
  • Handset: RJ-4P4C connection
  • Headset: RJ-4P4C connection
  • USB: 2 x type A, Hi/Full/Low Speed host interface, 1 x type B
  • available in black and light grey


  • High resolution TFT touchscreen color display
  • 4.3’’, 480 x 272 pixels, 24 bits color depth
  • 29 keys, 5 LEDs
  • 15 freely programmable virtual keys
  • 12 variable function keys
  • Comfortable and intuitive menu structure
  • Call indication with LED
  • Caller identification (by display picture)
  • LED indication for missed and received calls and messages
  • Address book with 2000 contact entries
  • Speed dialing
  • Local dial plan
  • Lists of missed, received and dialed calls(each 100 entries)
  • Indication of calls on hold
  • Clock with automatic daylight-saving time,call duration
  • Call blocking (deny list)
  • Blocking of anonymous callers possible
  • Call swapping during an ongoing call
  • Auto answer
  • URL dialing
  • Selection of ring tones, VIP ring tones,integration of customized ring tones
  • National Language Support
  • Mute function
  • Hands-free talking (full-duplex)
  • Keyboard lock
  • DND mode (do not disturb)



  • WLAN binding via USB stick
  • Hold
  • Blind and attended transfer
  • Music on hold (via PBX)
  • Call forwarding
  • 5-way conference on the phone
  • Call park, pickup (via PBX)
  • Call completion (Busy/Unreachable)
  • Client Matter Code (CMC)
  • Call swapping
  • Automatic redial
  • Group call announcements
  • Multiple audio device support
  • Unified Communications with snom CTI and snom OCS edition


  • Built in HTTP, HTTPS server
  • Remote configuration/provisioning
  • Dialing via Web browser
  • Password protection
  • Diagnostics (traces, logging, syslog)

SECURITY, Quality of Service

  • HTTPS Server/Client
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • SRTP (RFC3711), SIPS
  • RTCP
  • VLAN (IEEE 802.1X)

Codecs, Audio

  • Wideband audio
  • G.711 a-law, μ-law
  • G.722, G.723.1, G.726, G.729AB
  • GSM 6.10 (full rate)
  • Silence suppression /Voice Activity Detection (VAD)


  • RFC3261 compliant
  • UDP, TCP and TLS
  • Digest authentication
  • PRACK (RFC3262)
  • Error code indication
  • Reliability of provisional responses (RFC3262)
  • Early media support
  • DNS SRV (RFC3263), redundant server support
  • Offer/Answer (RFC3264)
  • Message Waiting Indication (RFC3842),Subscription for MWI events (RFC3265)
  • Dialog-state monitoring (RFC 4235)
  • DTMF (inband/out-of-band)as well as DMTF via SIP INFO
  • STUN client (NAT traversal)
  • Bridged line appearance (BLA)
  • Auto provisioning with PnP
  • Presence/Buddy-list feature
  • Busy lamp field support (BLF)


  • Automatic software updates
  • Automatic loading of settings via HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP
  • Completely configurable through Web interface
  • Static IP, DHCP support
  • NTP

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