Softecho mISDN compilation

As of 15/07/2008, I've been experiencing some problems with the compilation of the Softecho-powered mISDN drivers.

After asking in the mISDN Mailing List, I learned that I have to slightly modify the source code in order to get it working with my setup.

In the file capi.c, you must add the following line right after the #includes:


My system runs Linux, Slackware Linux 12, Asterisk, mISDN-1_1_8-OCT.


Here's a small tutorial for the installation of those drivers with echo cancellation.

1. download the latest mISDN package from beronet

To see which is the latest version, go to, then download it to your server.


2. unpack it

tar xzf mISDN-1_1_x-OCT.tar.gz

3. patch it

vim mISDN-1_1_x-OCT/drivers/isdn/hardware/mISDN/capi.c -> add the row -> :wq

4. install it

cd mISDN-1_1_x-OCT && make install

From now on, you can refer to the README wrote by Beronet, in particular you need to follow the points II, III and IV of the manual installation.

The license registration program assumes that you have an ethernet interface named eth0, so if you don't have this network interface you'll need to tweak your system.
First of all, make sure that you have a NIC (Network Interface Card). If you use udev, as many modern GNU/Linux distributions do, you have to modify udev rules in order to get the correct name for your interface. In my system, this information is kept in /etc/udev/rules.d/75-network-devices.rules. The syntax is fairly straightforward, but if you have problems you'll find plenty of information aroind the net.

Don't forget that from Asterisk 1.4 chan_misdn is now bundled with the standard Asterisk installation, so you need to enable it from make menuselect in order to have it working. If you compiled it before installing the new drivers, recompile it.

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