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The following definition for Softphone comes from Database Systems Corp.

  • '''A softphone is a computer telephony application that enables a desktop, laptop or workstation computer to function as a telephone. In this scenario, a computer network functions as the medium for transmitting telephone information and service.

  • Equipped with a headset or a hand-held device, and using the numbers on the keyboard to dial, the computer with soft phone software can perform the full range of telephone features available through traditional systems including such functions as teleconferencing and call forwarding.'''

Types of Softphones


A softphone can be customized to fit the look and feel that is required for each applications. Softphones can be standalone programs or can be embedded in a PC or Web application:

Standalone Softphone

A standalone softphone is a PC program that includes our softphone API routines. This program can be developed in C/C++, Visual Basic, Active X Control, .NET Control and other PC programming protocols.

Database has developed a number of softphone models that can be used as standalone applications on your agent desktops. We also can customize your softphone for the look and feel that best suits your organization. And with our extensive software library, you can develop your own PC softphones.

Softphone Embedded in PC Applications

The DSC softphone library can be embedded in PC applications, effectively "CTI enabling" these applications. Phone information can be passed to these PC applications which can be launched based upon a phone event such as a received phone call. Applications can be written in C/C++, Visual Basic, Active X Control, .NET Control and other protocols.

Softphone Embedded in Web Application

Softphone functions can be embedded in an existing Web application. Phone functions can be initiated from the browswer application.

Web Application Embedded In A Web Phone

A software Web Phone can control web applications within itself, offering complete navigational control of web pages and applications based upon phone events. The web phone can control which web page appears based upon a phone event such as the receipt of a call. Information from the call can be passed to each web page as it is invoked. This feature provides the maximum phone control and allows the softphone to launch web pages, passing variable information to each page as it is displayed.

Softphone Reports

DSC provides a reporting system that analyses the ongoing performance of each calling program. The following call reports demonstrate the reporting capability provided by DSC and its phone systems and software.

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Contact Form.

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