SoundStation IP 4000

This phone is now shipping.

This is the newest conference phone from Polycom. It is the first to support SIP directly.
The base unit has it's own power injector (PoE to be added later) and supports two additional external microphones
(a $299 list price option).

The new Polycom SoundStation IP 4000 supports SIP and uses the same SIP software as the Polycom
SoundPoint IP 300/500/600 phones. The 4000 requires a minimum of BootROM 2.6.1 and SIP software 1.4.1.
Since the SoundPoint IP 300/500/600 phones run the same software they all support the same common
configuration files.

Quality is reasonable, and the screen is quite nice.

Youtube overview -



  • If you run both types of phones (SoundPoint and SoundStation) you have to make sure that the 4000 does not download the old Boot and SIP software! Old software may kill the phone.

The older but still current SoundStation IP 3000 conference phones do not support SIP.

Brc says: fwiw, I found that the IP4000 would not work unless I used BootROM 3.1.2 and SIP 1.6.3. It gives an error in the log file

0105203322|cfg |5|00|Error: file does not contain a compatible image.
0105203322|cfg |5|00| Compatiblity for image 0 is 0x211410.
0105203322|cfg |5|00| Compatiblity for image 1 is 0x211410.
0105203322|cfg |5|00| Compatiblity for image 2 is 0x200000.
0105203322|cfg |3|00|Image sip.ld has not changed.
0105203352|app1 |4|00|Loaded application sip.ld successfully, errors 0x100.

Hopefully this'll help people searching on google.

5/25/05-Idaho Division of Veterans Services-IT Department

I installed the POLYCOM 4000
SIP 1.4.1
ROM 2.6.1
Asterisk 0.7

The configuration is straight forward. The web interface is great, the hardest part was figuring out my time zone.
I assigned an extension in AMP.
I then manually configured the SIP Polycom Conference phone itself
I did make sure to watch the inbound dtmf.
There were really no surprises in setting this up.
The quality is awesome. I have QOS turned up on my network.
It looks like to me that the Polycom actually manages the jitter by itself.
We tested today: 1 xlite phone, 2 Polycom SIP 4000, and an external analog line
I have saved the configs in PDF'S if you are interested I would be glad to email both sides of the configuration (Asterisk + Polycom)
All features are working....NO REBOOTS...


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