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Soundwin at a Glance:

Founded in 2004 as a VoIP developer, Soundwin's main product lines have advanced VoIP
access devices such as 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 24 analog lines VoIP gateway, IP phone, ATA (Analogue
Telephone Adaptor), IP PBX, GSM + VoIP Gateway, 3.5G mobile router and Billing system for enterprise, SOHO,
and ITSP markets. Soundwin focus on delivering the latest VoIP technologies for real-time
multimedia communications over IP network.
Product lines include: 2~24 port FXO.FXS analogue VoIP gateway, WiFi VoIP gateway, GSM VoIP Gateway(quad-band GSM), VPN VoIP Gateway, IP PBX (Embedded Asterisk), ATA, 3.5 G mobile VoIP router and IP Phone.

Soundwin’s Philosophy:

Soundwin designs its voice over IP solutions to offer VoIP without cutting the PSTN cord.
Soundwin VoIP are built with these five characteristics:
  • Superior and reliable voice quality over internet.
  • Interoperability with other telephony products
  • Products that are easy to install, use, and manage
  • Total solution in VoIP application
  • Open architectures and standards compliance.

Core Competence, Key to Success:

Soundwin VoIP products utilize the most advanced iterations of IP Telephony, complemented by superior
voice quality, enabling it to become a key player in the global VoIP equipment market.

Soundwin Product Lines:

Soundwin's product lines include: 2~24 port FXS/FXO analogue gateway, Wi-Fi VoIP gateway, GSM VoIP gateway (quad-band GSM), IP PBX (embedded Asterisk), VPN VoIP Gateway, ATA, 3.5 G mobile VoIP Router and IP Phone.

Product series Model Name Description Link
VoIP Gateway
S2xx/S4xx/S8xx/S16xx/S24xx series Support H.323 and SIP protocols , Pass NAT and Smart-QoS Guaranteed >Analog VoIP Gateway
Caller ID VoIP Gateway
S404D/SB808D/S1616D/S2424D Caller ID detection Gateway >Caller ID VoIP Gateway
GSM VoIP Gateway
V100 Quad-Band GSM VoIP Gateway, SIP/H.323 >GSM VoIP Gateway
ATA Series
SA110/SA200/SR100/SR200 /TA100/TA201 3 way conference, auto provisioning function, QoS, VPN client, FXO available. Cost effective solution >ATA series
WiFi ATA series
W110/200 IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Router Built-in ATA with QoS support >Wi-Fi series
VPN Series
N200 PPTP, L2PT, IPsec VPN encryption support, QoS and cost effective >VPN series
IP Phone
P100 1WAN 1LAN SIP. 3 SIP trunk, High quality voice for SMB application >IP Phone
IP PBX series Embedded Asterisk IP PBX solution for Soho and SMB applications >IP PBX

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