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With all of the options available, it certainly comes as no surprise that many a business owner has become overwhelmed when trying to select the ideal service provider. Since continuity of operations is so important with any business, many companies understandably choose to make things simpler by selecting a service package that includes phone, internet, and TV service. This means finding a service provider that is able to place adequate focus on making sure that the business continues to run smoothly.

Spectrum Business, formerly Charter Communications, has become well-known as a leader in the world of business telecommunications. Since 1993, Spectrum Business has provided many businesses with a number of crucial services and has truly evolved into a company that makes customer success a priority.

While Spectrum Business certainly has the experience to make them a top contender, this doesn't mean that some time and consideration doesn't need to be placed into making sure that this company can provide for the unique needs of each particular business. Before making any decision, knowing all of the pertinent information about what Spectrum Business can provide is crucial. With the following information, the hope is that business owners will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not Spectrum Business is right for them.

What Services Can Spectrum Business Provide?

Spectrum Business is can offer many of the essential services businesses require to operate on a day-to-day basis. Understanding the options available and how they can best meet each business' needs is the first step to making the right selection. Spectrum Business' offerings can be outlined as follows:

Spectrum Business Internet

Spectrum Business offers several different internet solutions, including high speed, wi-fi, and fiber optic. By offering a wide array of internet services, the goal is to be able to meet the needs of each business.

1. High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet is often an ideal solution for those businesses that are on the smaller side, but are still looking for reliable internet connectivity that provides them with quicker service than DSL. There are two available high-speed internet options available through Spectrum Business. These include:

Internet Plus: This plan offers download speeds of up to 60 Mbps and upload speeds of 4 Mbps. This option also comes with a free domain name as well as email accounts and web hosting.
Internet Pro: Along with download speeds of 100 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 7 Mbps, this plan also offers a free modem, cloud backup, and security software.

2. Wi-Fi

The wi-fi services offered by Spectrum Business provide businesses with an easy way to connect any and all devices to the network. There's also no need for additional equipment purchases, as Spectrum Business will provide both the router and modem as well as free installation and 24 hour tech support.

3. Fiber Optic

Another option for the business owner is Spectrum Business' fiber optic internet which offers up to 10Gbps of bandwidth speed, making it ideal for businesses that handle large quantities of data. Along with high speeds, this service also includes scalable Ethernet ports as well as multihoming in order to facilitate redundant connectivity.

Spectrum Business Phone Service

Quality phone service is another essential for any business, and Spectrum Business offers over 30 different calling features for each phone line. This is a great benefit, especially when compared to the 20 typical features that one finds with most phone companies. The service includes both unlimited local and long distance calling free of charge, which is especially important to those companies that conduct business throughout the world.

Spectrum Business also offers SIP trunking, a service that allows businesses to use one connection for all internet, voice, and data traffic. Utilizing this service can help improve call quality as well as ensure that the bandwidth is being used as efficiently as possible.

For those businesses that use call centers, Spectrum Business' PRI service can help to manage high call volumes. This service, which is connected to the existing system, allows for high levels of simultaneous calls, a feature that is necessary for those businesses that receive more than the average number of concurrent calls.

Spectrum Business Television

Depending upon the business, having TV service can be an absolute must. Spectrum Business offers a wide selection of TV packages that can provide clients and their customers with all of the news and entertainment options they need. The two primary packages offered include:

Business Class: This plan offers over 40 channels, including news, local stations, and a handful of entertainment options.
Business Select: This option includes 75+ channels.

Along with these packages, Spectrum Business also offers more options, including multiple HD channels, premium channels, music channels, as well as international programming. From bars and restaurants to hotels, Spectrum Business strives to provide TV services packages that fit all needs.

Spectrum Business Networking

With any business, proper networking is an essential component. This is particularly true of companies that span several offices in several different areas. For employees and offices to stay connected, Spectrum Business offers three networking options. These include ethernet, Layer 3 VPN, and Wavelength packages.

Ethernet: a low-cost option that provides business owners with the ability to choose from multiple layouts and configurations to ensure optimal efficiency.

Layer 3 VPN: ideal for larger businesses with high traffic volumes.

Wavelength: utilizes a private wavelength in order to best meet the needs of those businesses that require exceptionally high bandwidth speeds.

Technical Support Reliability

What good is a business that provides telecommunications services without technical support that business owners can rely on to keep their systems operational? No matter the service provider, issues are sure to arise now and again, and prompt support is crucial to ensure that the business' systems continue to function. For this reason, whether or not a company offers superior tech support can often be the deciding factor for many business owners. It's also important to note that a poor experience in this area is often one of the main reasons that businesses begin to look elsewhere for another service provider.

Spectrum Business offers their clients tech support in a number of ways. The company's support page offers a vast assortment of FAQs and help topics to assist customers who are experiencing certain difficulties. In the case of emergencies where the client requires the help of a service representative, Spectrum Business offers 24/7 phone support that pairs the client with a knowledgeable individual with whom they can discuss any issues.

As previously mentioned, Spectrum Business offers a page designated to providing help topics to clients. These questions include everything from payment and billing topics to troubleshooting and technical issues. The topics mentioned also include items like desktop security, cable and TV service, and the cloud.

Taking Proper Security Measures

A secure network is always essential for any business, regardless of the type of operations being conducted. Protecting client and employee information is deeply necessary, but maintaining the level of security needed can often be hard for a business to manage, particularly with all of the responsibilities that already fall to business owners and staff. Often, managing network security can be a full time job in and of itself.

In order for a business to be able to give adequate attention to its security, it needs to possess both adequate time and manpower, both of which can be challenging to allocate effectively. Not only this, but many businesses simply do not have the staff with the security knowledge necessary to get the task done as effectively as needed.

With Spectrum Business' Managed Security Services, businesses can place the burden of network security in the hands of competent professionals. The staff at Spectrum Business will both manage the network, address any issues that arise, and ensure that all necessary security updates are made as soon as possible. Along with providing advanced troubleshooting and security management, this service also provides the business owner with constant access to a skilled team that can assist whenever needed.

The Costs Associated with Spectrum Business Service Bundles

When choosing a service provider, cost is always something that is often of great importance, particularly for companies that are smaller and are working on a more limited budget. In cases like these, staying within the allocated budget can be crucial; paying exorbitant amounts of money each month for services is certainly not an option. However, business owners obviously don't want to get subpar telecommunications services even if they do come with a lower cost.

Spectrum Business appears to be quite aware of the budgetary concerns of the average business, and provides a significant number of plans that are designed to fit within a wide range of budgets and needs. Spectrum Business' diverse pricing gives clients the ability to create their own service packages so that they can ensure they are getting all of their business needs met without adding on unnecessary services and costs.

For added convenience and cost-efficiency, Spectrum Business offers two primary packages, including:

Double Play: This service package includes both high-speed internet for $39.99 a month as well as phone services for 29.99 per month. This bundle includes fast connection speeds, cloud applications, video conferencing, and 30+ call features designed to optimize communications.

Triple Play: This package is similar to the Double Play with the exception of also offering TV along with the high-speed internet and voice services. The pricing remains the same for phone and internet, with TV being added on for an additional $19.99 per month. This includes free HD and over 40 popular channels. The cost of the TV services is quite low, making it ideal for many businesses that benefit from offering TV to both customers and employees, such as bars, restaurants, and hotels.

What Additional Offers are Available?

Since all businesses have different needs, pre-made service packages are not always going to be sufficient and provide the business with all of the services needed. In order to make sure that it meets as many of its client's needs as possible, Spectrum Business also offers other options in addition to the primary Double Play and Triple Play bundle packages. Business owners can also select from the following options as well when creating the best service package for them and their business:

Phone services: $29.99 per month
Phone + TV services: $29.99 per month + $19.99 per month
60Mbps Internet + TV services: $39.99 per month + $19.99 per month
100Mbps Internet: $99.99 per month

Having a myriad of different package options can be crucial for smaller businesses as they often do not require and cannot afford all of the extra services tacked on to some of the bundled offers. Additionally, creating their own service package from the various services offered by Spectrum Business will allow businesses to get the services they need at a lower cost than other companies might offer.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Spectrum Business?

Of course, different customers will have differing opinions on the advantages associated with choosing Spectrum Business for their business' networking needs. Perhaps one of the most appreciated benefits this company offers is the ability to select and customize a service package that meets the specific needs of each business.

Since the majority of providers simply do not offer clients specific, tailored services, it can often be hard for businesses to find packages that will keep their costs low while giving them all of the services they need to perform their daily tasks. With Spectrum Business, clients can expect reasonable, affordable pricing. This helps businesses of all sizes and budgets to be able to acquire the great services they need without worrying about going over their financial allotment for telecommunications.

The Consensus

Spectrum Business clearly has a lot to offer when it comes to providing businesses with essential services, whether it be TV, phone, or Internet. The ability to customize business service packages is an undeniable benefit to selecting this service provider, and the pricing structure makes it ideal for many businesses that are looking for reasonably priced, quality telecommunications services.

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