Speedtouch 716 / 716 v5 WL

This page will develop over the next few days, as my experiments with this router are only just begining.

Speedtouch 716

    • Fax
    • 716 and 716WL (wireless version)

Voice Command Line Interface Help - This will be refined as functions are explored

Please help tidy this up

My plan is to present a configuration that can use a dialplan to work with sipgate.co.uk and sipdiscount.com, failing over to FXO if either/both fail. I'm not sure if this is possible yet. I've put this page up here because I can find NO DOCUMENTATION on dialplans for the 716. If you are able to help out then please contribute since this seems to be an unexplored capability of this router.

Detailed documentation on the VoIP settings can be found here, see 'Config guide Voice Over IP'(pdf)

Observations so far - the first attempt

Problems with the sip registrations are that even if you have two SIP accounts - they must be with the same sip proxy and registrar. I cannot so far get sipdiscount.com on FXS1 and sipgate.co.uk on FXS2. The trouble is that the "voice sip config" settings seem to be global. I was expecting the "secondary proxy registrar" to apply to FXS2. It does not!

Proxy and Registrar

It would have been far more sensible if the proxy and registrar settings were in the "voice profile add" command line option - or even better if they had taken a look at the Sipura way of doing things using @gw0, @gw1... etc.

How to set up sipgate.co.uk from the CLI

I keep seeing this question asked in forums relating to the 716 - so here it is. The key is to use only the userid as the SIP URI - i.e. 1234567 - not 1234567@sipgate.co.uk

:voice sip config primproxyaddr=sipgate.co.uk secproxyaddr= proxyport=sip primregaddr=sipgate.co.uk secregaddr= regport=sip regexpire=3600 notifier_addr= notifier_port=sip subscribe_expire=3600 CWreply=182 transport=UDP rtpmapstaticPT=disabled

:voice profile add SIP_URI=1234567 username=1234567 password=XXXXX voiceport=FXS1

You may have to reenter the password in the GUI to get it to register

How to set up sipdiscount.com from the CLI

:voice sip config primproxyaddr=sip1.sipdiscount.com secproxyaddr= proxyport=sip primregaddr=sip1.sipdiscount.com secregaddr= regport=sip regexpire=3600 notifier_addr= notifier_port=sip subscribe_expire=3600 CWreply=182 transport=UDP rtpmapstaticPT=disabled

:voice profile add SIP_URI=myaccount username=myaccount password=XXXXX voiceport=FXS1


On my first attempts at dialplans, they seem a bit weak. I would have liked to be able to point the call at a different SIP service depending on the number I dial. If you try to direct the number to a FXS port it just gets logged as going out through VoIP instead of the account associated with that port. No where near as powerful as the Sipura way of doing things.

I can't figure out how dialplans work for the FXO (which is just a relay by the sounds of it). It just seems to dump you at the PSTN dialtone if you add this:

:voice dialplan add prefix=07 defaultport=FXO fallbackport=FXO priority=High fallback=disabled minimumdigits=10 maximumdigits=15 posofmodify=0 remnumdigits=0 insert="" rescan=no action=ROUTE_incl_#

but this works just fine with sipdiscount to reform a local area number (where 01234 is your local area code in the UK - and your local numbers are 6 digits long) (for the benefit of understanding this dialplan for those outside the UK, convention is that the leading 0 of long distance UK numbers is dropped if internationally called - sipdiscount require all numbers to be international - UK local numbers always start from 2-8)

:voice dialplan add prefix=2-8 defaultport=FXS1 fallbackport=FXS2 priority=NA fallback=enabled minimumdigits=6 maximumdigits=6 posofmodify=1 remnumdigits=6 insert=00441234 rescan=no action=none


Dialtones are authentic (for the UK) at least - once you have executed:

:voice country config country=uk

Call Quality

A redeeming feature. The voice quality sounds much better than my Snom 190, Sipura 3000 and Sipura SPA-841 (all tested on G711u).

Other things the router can or should be able to do but are little documented

  • Split the switch into sevaral separately routed subnets
  • Separate the WLAN into a separate subnet (to be tested)?
  • Add a bridge interface for the FXS ports (to be tested - suggested by the "service system ifadd" CLI option)?

My conclusions so far

From my observations so far (please correct this if I'm wrong), if you're really serious about VoIP without a local Asterisk server you would be better off buying a Sipura SPA 2002/3000, accompanied with a Speedtouch 510 (without WLAN) or Speedtouch 580 / 585 (with WLAN). The IPQoS on Speedtouch devices is brilliant, but the lack of proper multiple gateway support and weak dialplans makes it very difficult to justify purchasing a 716.

Wish List - What it can't, but ought to be able to do if Thomson decide to update the firmware

  • Documentation as good as this http://www.sipura.com/Documents/SipuraSPAUserGuidev2.0.9.pdf (unrelated but an example).
  • Better dial plans
  • Support for Multiple Gateways at different SIP registrars
  • control of distinctive ringing to differentiate ring-though from the PSTN
  • Something other than silence delivered to the caller when call-waiting
  • Support for a music on hold server
  • Features like the Sipura SPA 3000
  • Fax to email relay would be really quite cool

This is a non-exhaustive list of VoIP related command line interface options that are NOT DOCUMENTED here: Speedtouch 716

voice dialplan add

{Administrator}[voice dialplan]=>help add
Add an entry in the dialplan
Syntax : add prefix = <0...9 - * #> defaultport = <{FXS1|FXS2|FXO|VoIP|NA}>
fallbackport = <{FXS1|FXS2|FXO|VoIP|NA}>
priority = <{NA|Low|High}> fallback = <{disabled|enabled}>
minimumdigits = <number{1-31}> maximumdigits = <number{1-31}>
posofmodify = <number{0-31}> remnumdigits = <number{0-31}>
[insert = <0...9>] rescan = <{no|yes}>
action = <{none|ROUTE_excl_#|ROUTE_incl_#}>

Parameters :
prefix = <0...9 - * #>
The prefix, identifies this entry
defaultport = <{FXS1|FXS2|FXO|VoIP|NA}>
The default outgoing port
fallbackport = <{FXS1|FXS2|FXO|VoIP|NA}>
The fallback outgoing port
priority = <{NA|Low|High}>
The priority of the entry
fallback = <{disabled|enabled}>
The fallback mechanism status of this entry
minimumdigits = <number{1-31}>
The minimum number of digits
maximumdigits = <number{1-31}>
The maximum number of digits
posofmodify = <number{0-31}>
Startposition at which a number of digits must be removed
remnumdigits = <number{0-31}>
The number of digits that need to be removed from the complete number
[insert = <0...9>]
String which must be inserted at PosOfModify after removing RemNumDigits
rescan = <{no|yes}>
Rescanning of the number needed or not
action = <{none|ROUTE_excl_#|ROUTE_incl_#}>
Action parameter

voice services list

{Administrator}[voice services]=>:voice services list
Service Status Code Provisioned

transfer activated 96 yes
hold activated 94 yes
waiting activated 43 yes
mwi deactivated 98 no
clip activated 30 yes
clir deactivated 31 no
privnumb deactivated 99 no
colp deactivated 76 no
colr deactivated 77 no
3pty activated 95 yes
forcedFXO deactivated 01 no
{Administrator}[voice services]=>

voice codec list

{Administrator}[voice codec]=>help
Following commands are available :

list : Show the CODEC capability configuration
config : Configure a CODEC capability

{Administrator}[voice codec]=>list
Codec Type Packet Delay Voice Act. Detection Priority Status

g711u 30 enabled 1 enabled
g711a 30 enabled 1 enabled
g726_40 30 enabled 4 disabled
g726_32 30 enabled 5 disabled
g726_24 30 enabled 6 disabled
g726_16 30 enabled 7 disabled
g723.1 30 enabled 3 enabled
g729 30 enabled 2 enabled
{Administrator}[voice codec]=>

voice country help

{Administrator}[voice country]=>help
Following commands are available :

config : Configure country
list : List available countries

{Administrator}[voice country]=>list
Available countries:
belgium etsi
france1 france2
netherlands northamerica
norway spain
sweden uk

{Administrator}[voice country]=>

voice fxsport config

{Administrator}[voice fxsport]=>help
Following commands are available :

config : Configure the FXS port parameters

{Administrator}[voice fxsport]=>help config
Configure the FXS port parameters
Syntax : config [interdigit = <number{10-10000}>]

Parameters :
[interdigit = <number{10-10000}>]
The interdigit timer (in ms)

{Administrator}[voice fxsport]=>

voice profile add

{Administrator}[voice profile]=>help add
Add profile
Syntax : add SIP_URI = <string> [username = <string>] [password = <password>]
voiceport = <{FXS1|FXS2|COMMON}>

Parameters :
SIP_URI = <string>
The SIP URI related to this voice port
[username = <string>]
The authentication username related to this voice port
[password = <password>]
The authentication password related to this voice port
voiceport = <{FXS1|FXS2|COMMON}>
The analog line number

{Administrator}[voice profile]=>

voice qos list

{Administrator}[voice qos]=>list
Traffic Type QOS field Value

sign&control dscp af42
realtime dscp ef
{Administrator}[voice qos]=>

voice services config

{Administrator}[voice services]=>help config
General supplementary service configuration
Syntax : config [mwi_phone = <{immediate|deferred}>]
[mwi_network = <{sollicited|unsollicited}>]

Parameters :
[mwi_phone = <{immediate|deferred}>]
The way the phone reacts on a message waiting indication
[mwi_network = <{sollicited|unsollicited}>]
The way the network protocol implements the message waiting indication

{Administrator}[voice services]=>

voice services provision

{Administrator}[voice services]=>help provision
Provision a supplementary service
Syntax : provision type = <{transfer|hold|waiting|mwi|clip|clir|privnumb|colp|

Parameters :
type = <{transfer|hold|waiting|mwi|clip|clir|privnumb|colp|colr|3pty|
The supplementary service type

{Administrator}[voice services]=>

voice fxsport config

{Administrator}[voice fxsport]=>help config
Configure the FXS port parameters
Syntax : config [interdigit = <number{10-10000}>]

Parameters :
[interdigit = <number{10-10000}>]
The interdigit timer (in ms)

{Administrator}[voice fxsport]=>

voice sip config (portnames removed for clarity)

{Administrator}[voice sip]=>help config
Configure the SIP general parameters
Syntax : config [useragentdomain = <string>] [primproxyaddr = <string>]
[secproxyaddr = <string>]
[proxyport = <number>]
[primregaddr = <string>] [secregaddr = <string>]
[regport = <number>]
[regexpire = <number{60-65535}>] [notifier_addr = <string>]
[notifier_port = <number>]
[subscribe_expire = <number{60-65535}>]
[CWreply = <{182|180}>] [transport = <{UDP}>]
[rtpmapstaticPT = <{disabled|enabled}>]

Parameters :
[useragentdomain = <string>]
User Agent domain
[primproxyaddr = <string>]
Primary outbound proxy address or FQDN
[secproxyaddr = <string>]
Secondary outbound proxy address or FQDN
[proxyport = <number>]
Outbound proxy port
[primregaddr = <string>]
Primary registrar address or domain
[secregaddr = <string>]
Secondary registrar address or domain
[regport = <number>]
Registrar port
[regexpire = <number{60-65535}>]
The registration expire time
[notifier_addr = <string>]
Notifier address or FQDN used for MWI
[notifier_port = <number>]
Notifier port used for MWI
[subscribe_expire = <number{60-65535}>]
The subscription expire time
[CWreply = <{182|180}>]
The reply to be sent for a waiting call (180/182)
[transport = <{UDP}>]
The transport type
[rtpmapstaticPT = <{disabled|enabled}>]
Enable or disable adding RTP map i.c.o. static PT

voice fax config

{Administrator}[voice fax]=>help config
Configure the fax parameters
Syntax : config [faxtransport = <{inband|T38}>]

Parameters :
[faxtransport = <{inband|T38}>]
The type of fax transport

{Administrator}[voice fax]=>

voice codec config

{Administrator}[voice codec]=>help config
Configure a CODEC capability
Syntax : config type = <{g711u|g711a|g726_40|g726_32|g726_24|g726_16|g723.1|
[ptime = <{10|30|20}>] [ptime_g723 = <{30}>]
[vad = <{disabled|enabled}>] [priority = <number{1-8}>]
[status = <{disabled|enabled}>]

Parameters :
type = <{g711u|g711a|g726_40|g726_32|g726_24|g726_16|g723.1|g729}>
The codec type
[ptime = <{10|30|20}>]
The packet time
[ptime_g723 = <{30}>]
The packet time
[vad = <{disabled|enabled}>]
Enable or disable Voice Activity Detection
[priority = <number{1-8}>]
The codec capability priority
[status = <{disabled|enabled}>]
Enable or disable this capability

{Administrator}[voice codec]=>

service system ifadd

{Administrator}[service system]=>help ifadd
Add an interface group to the access list.
Syntax : ifadd name = <{PPTP|HTTP|HTTPs|FTP|TELNET|RIP-Query|DNS-S|VOIP_SIP|
group = <{wan|local|lan|tunnel|dmz|guest} or number>

Parameters :
The name of the service for this access list.
group = <{wan|local|lan|tunnel|dmz|guest} or number>
The interface group for this access list.

Where to buy:

VoIPsolutions Models 706; 706WL and 780WL
Wildix in Ukraine - Ukraine
www.digidave.co.uk Models 706; 706WL

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