VOIP Total Solution

<Bring the full Connectivity on ALL Customers to ANY VOIP Communication Standards>

Telecom/Datacom Connectivity


1.Total Connectivity: Connect Global Standards like SIP/H.323/TDM in Datacom/Telecom Industry
2.Full Scalability: Scale up the System from 1 to 100,000 Concurrent Calls or even higher
3.Smart Operation: Hot plug & play to ensure the telephone operation in Carrier/Enterprise
4.Riskfree Configuration: Manage the Voice Quality & Availability by using an independent Voice Trunk
5.Secure Investment: Save phone bill and get quick Returns of your Investment on the products
6.Centralized Management: Monitor & Configure the status by Unified Console

Products Series

Skype Business Solution/Product Provider for SOHO/Enterprise/Telecom

Skype PBX/PABX/ISDN/E1-PRI/SIP/H.323 Gateways

1. Saving your investment by using the existing Company PBX/PABX.
2. Business People use Skype by office phone
3. System-In-BOX, No needs for extra PC
4. Look & Feel, Easy to Install
5. Upgrade your Company PBX to Skype IP-PBX
6.Full Connectivity for TDM/SIP/H.323/Skype
7.Excellent ICT Feasibility by using API/SQL
8.Superior Scalability Technology for Real Enterprise solution

Spintronics Website

GSM2VoIP in voip-info.org

Skype ISDN Gateway in voip-info.org

Skype2SIP in voip-info.org

Bring the full Connectivity to Callfree Gateway on any SIP/H.323 IP phones/IP PBX

Telecom Trunk Standard Interface - E1 PRI

Scalable Skype PBX Gateway for HUGE Enterprise, up to 120 FXS ports or higher
  • Grid Controller
    • Scalable System: Use SkyGrid System to upgrade the Capacity of Skype PBX Gateway and save the investment
    • Unified Console for Call management & Administrator Interface
      • Phonebook/Prefix-handle for Inbound call
      • Group Hunting for Outbound call
      • Real-time setups all Configurations for all Skype PBX Gateway
      • Unified CDR (Call Detail Record) log
    • Network Management: Monitor the status by Web-Administration

Scalable Skype Gateways

Scalable Skype ISDN Gateway

Skype Enterprise Applications

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