Suncomm Lanpone 201


I think the primary OEM produce for this item is Welltech Welltech

Approx $115USD with a min order of 50 units.

These Phones run on a Motorola PPC 860 multimedia processor and run on VxWorks unix
They have a Kendin KS8995M intergrated network managed switch
The DSP is an AC4830
The PSTN interface is an AMS AS2525B

Boot Dump

Attached TCP/IP interface to cpm unit 0
Attaching interface lo0...done


Copyright 1984-1998 Wind River Systems, Inc.

CPU: Motorola ADS - PowerPC 860
VxWorks: 5.4.2
BSP version: 1.2/4
Creation date: Aug 27 2004
WDB: Ready.

KS8995M SPI slave device initialize ...
Check chip family ID...found KS8995M
KS8995M initialize...OK
Attached TCP/IP interface to cpm unit 0
Attaching interface lo0...done
no answer from

HTTPD initialized...

AC4804[0] is ok
successful 1 4 VP v1.44 stack open sucessfully.
Start registering to Proxy server

login: lo = 800,hi = 0
Silence Signal = Lo
login: root

Welcome to Terminal Configuration Mode
Please enter your configuration item

usr/config$ ls

help            help/man/? [command]
quit            quit/exit/close
debug           show debug message
reboot          reboot local machine
pbook           Phonebook information and configuration
commit          commit flash rom data
ping            test that a remote host is reachable
time            show current time
ifaddr          internet address manipulation
pppoe           PPPoE stack manipulation
flash           clean configuration from flash rom
sysconf         System information manipulation
sip             SIP information manipulation
security        Security information manipulation
voice           Voice information manipulation
tos             IP Packet ToS (Type of Service)values
ddns            Dynamic DNS update manipulation
vlan            VLAN configuration and information
bureau          Bureau line information manipulation
rom             ROM file update
passwd          Password setting information and configuration
auth            Set configuration items for "user".

usage: help [command]


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