Suncomm IP PBX SC-7024

System Highlight:

Highly integrated, embedded system with more stability
Immediately provides VoIP connection to ITSP and to any remote site
Analog interface to PSTN
Seamless integration with legacy PBX
Flexible dialing plan settings for applying to a virtual IP-PBX system
Off-ramp and on-ramp call for VoIP and PSTN
Remote management capability
Quick-batch configuration by Command Line Interface (CLI)

Features Highlight:

Multi-lingual voice prompts for international business
Customizable 3-layer IVR for creating your own IVR scenarios
ACD ( Automatic Call Distribution ) to form basic Call Centers for small-medium enterprise’s need
Various automatic schemes including auto provision and auto firmware upgrade
Stackable design for scalability
UMS ( Unified Messaging feature ) supported
Meet-me conference service to expend you meeting room virtually
Newly released wizard function for easier configuration
Function-rich Voice Mail System to manage your voice message efficiently
Voice Mail System with Email Notification
IP Intercom/ IP Paging
D-Auth (Dialer Authentication)
Time-based Memo Call
Scheduled Broadcast Event
Group Call
Caller ID/DISA
CAC (Call Admission Control )
Call keep alive scheme
Most legacy PBX features supported
CDR (Call Detail Record) with .CSV file format
FAX relay and pass through (T.38 and T.30)
SIP Standards:
RFC 3261, RFC 3311, RFC 3515, RFC 3265, RFC 3892, RFC 3361
RFC 3842, RFC 3389, RFC 3489
RFC 3428, RFC 2327, RFC 2833
RFC 2976, RFC 3263, RFC 3264
RFC 3362, RFC 4612,
SIP Registrar:
Static/Dynamic registration
Configurable Expiry Time
MD5 authentication

Handle loose RFC-compliant SIP devices
Resilient message retry mechanism
Cache client registrations
SIP Proxy:
Stateful proxy server
NAT traversal for clients
Inter-proxy call hand-off
Outbound Proxy behind NAT Device
PBX System

Call Features:

70 users and extensions with Voice Mail account
24 concurrent sessions2
Codec G.711 (μ/A-law), G.723.1 (6.3k/5.3k bit/s), G.729A, and G.726 (16k/24k/32k/40k bit/s) supported
Transcoding channel 0~16, subject to add-on card
In-band/RFC2833/SIP-INFO DTMF translation
Two expandable slots for telephony interfaces
18 SIP trunks for ITSP account or private trunking shared by extensions
70 DID SIP trunks to extensions
Support gateway trunk mode per SIP trunk
Enable/Disable NAT Traversal per SIP trunk
Call admission control of call count or bandwidth per SIP trunk
Long call audit
Support Call keep alive
Support Registered keep alive
NAT session keep alive
Configurable RFC 2833 payload type per SIP trunk
FXS/FXO analog trunking
FXO disconnection tone detection
FXO disconnection tone parameter setting
FXS hot line / FXS warm line
Caller ID detection
Trunk hunting
Digits manipulation during hunting
Life-line priority call
Support SIP Call Hold, Call Waiting
Support SIP phone5 3-way conference
Support Blind/ Attended Transfer
In-line Call Transfer
Unconditional, Unavailable, Busy Call forward
Call Back on Busy between extensions
Per calling number forward and rejection
Blacklist of number patterns
32 call pick-up groups
Call Park and Retrieve
Recording on demand with Essence IP phones
Remote extension registration via Internet
Direct line to extension (DID to Extension)
Direct line by called number (DID by Number)
Direct line by privilege (DID by Privilege)
Echo Cancellation (G.168)
Flexible numbering plan
Call privilege grouping
Configurable Music on Hold
Memo Call for extension
Schedule-based Broadcast
Support T.38 FAX over IP
Support T.30, T.38 FAX pass through
ENUM resolution
Auth. Dial passcode
Group Call
Support H.261, H.263, H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG Video codec pass through
Peer to Peer (Invite/Update)
Fast Bridging for expressing media forwarding

Auto NAT discovery and traversal
Built-in STUN client
RTP proxy
RTP port range designation
50 configurations of 3-layer IVR
Worktime/Holiday setting for different IVR
Configurable greeting prompts
Music on Ringing extensions
Forward to Voice Mail on No-answer
Support 3 languages in IVR tree
Hot key to operator
Voice Mail:
User Authentication by PIN
Multilingual, 3 languages
Multi-folder Archive
Fast-forward /Rewind /Undelete
MWI notification
VMWI notification
E-mail notification and attachment (Unified messaging)
Personal greeting on unavailability and busy
Record personal greeting through phone
Voicemail Forwarding
Reply call or new call after logged in Voicemail menu
Built-in 40GB hard disk drive for Voicemail
Support USB 2.0 interface for Voicemail, CDR, and system configuration backup
Support NFS remote backup for Voicemail, CDR, and system configuration
Meet-me Conference:
12 conference rooms with configurable number and PIN
Up to 12 parties4,1 among all conference rooms
Lock/Mute/Join/Drop control for administrator
Music on First Dial-in Party
Hot key to leave the conference
Hot key for administrator to manage the conference
Automatic Call Distribution:
16 queues with 16 agents among all queues.
16 inbound call among all queues
Configurable waiting length for individual queue
Support five distribution policies including round robin, ring all, least recent, fewest call, and random
Configurable waiting time for each queue
Allow agent remotely log-in
Agent can participate multiple queues
Agent phones also allow extension calls
Support LAN stacking up to 4 units in the same model
Automatic intra-trunking creation among stacking units
Automatic configuration publishing from Master to Slaves
Automatic load balancing in hosting feature phones3
System Management
Web-based configuration with session control
User and administrator configuration mode
Automatic expiring the idle sessions
Support firmware upgrade through the Internet
Configuration Wizard for mass extensions and users creation
Step-by-Step Wizard for adding users, extensions and truns
Built in online help in wizard
Command Line Interface (CLI) for configuration
System event Syslog

Downloadable Call Detail Record (CDR)
Extension registration status
Active call status
TFTP server and TFTP repository maintenance
NTP synchronization
Real Time Clock setting
DHCP Server with multiple partitions, Per-MAC IP binding, list of options
Configurable Time Zone
Firmware Upgrade through web interface and console
Network Management
Support MAC Clone on WAN
Allow WAN to Respond PING
Allow LAN use only
Static LAN routing
Firewall on predefined services
Virtual Server for client device
NAT for outbound traffic from LAN
WAN QoS queuing mechanism for VoIP and data traffic
Support TOS setting
DNS forwarder and dynamic DNS
SNMPv2 with standard MIB format
Adaptive WAN bandwidth and DSP channel saving
Optional Feature cards
FXO8, 4-port FXO card
(with 4 transcoding channels)
FXS81104, 4-port FXS card (with 4 transcoding channels)
BRI 81004, 4-port ISDN BRI TE card
DSP81000, DSP card with 8 transcoding channels
IPSec 81003
Hardware Specification
Hardware Interfaces
One RJ-45 10/100 base-T WAN Ethernet port
One RJ-45 10/100 base-T LAN Ethernet port
Two USB 2.0 ports
One RS-232 serial port
Two expandable PCI interface slots
System Dimension
443 x 315 x 44 (mm), 1U rack mount
System Power Requirement
Power input 100~240V AC, 50~60 Hz
40 W (max)
Operating temperature 0~50℃
Storage temperature -10~70℃
Humidity (RH) 10~80% non-condensing
Regulatory and Safety
FCC Class A certified, FCC part 68, CE/EMC/LVD/TBR21, VCCI, JATE, ROHS

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