Sunrise Telecom

A manufacturer of telecom and VOIP test equipment.

Of interest for VOIP users is their TAMS product
From the website:

TAMS (Traffic Analysis & Measurement System) is a distributed system for VoIP, wireline, and wireless networks. It features the Data Collector System (DCS) that gathers, stores, and processes network-wide data, and a centralized server. TAMS monitors in real-time the network, the traffic, and the services provided by the Operator, offering detailed reports, statistics and alarms as well as troubleshooting capabilities. The system also analyzes the quality of the speech over traditional PSTN and VoIP networks for extensive End-to-End Voice Quality verification. Probes support GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, VoIP, NGN, SS7, ISDN, V5.x, and GR-303 protocols.

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