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Super Technologies Inc empowers its members with cutting-edge telecommunication services since 1998. Headquarters are in sunny Pensacola, Florida, United States.
Other offices are located in Mexico, Pakistan, Egypt, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Products Include: - World First Device to offer incoming, with a USA phone number included, and outgoing phone service over the internet in Year 2000, even before Vonage. - Our First true broadband-based phone service with unlimited calling 24/7 to US/Canada. - Virtual Phone line began in 1998. First offered on a telephone service over IP device, with help of ITL Seattle. We were able to make Super Phone the first device ever to receive phone calls from regular phones over the internet on an IP device.

DIDx.Net - World's First DID/DDI (Direct Inward Dialing Numbers) exchange. Allows ITSP's to provide phone numbers from different parts of the world, from their own web site. It also allows CARRIERS and PROVIDERS to buy and trade phone numbers from anywhere in the world. There are over 1000 global members. Welcome to join! - Our PC to Phone Service. Totally SIP Based, can be used with SER And asterisk or XPRO type clients. - Free UK Numbers on your sip or iax address. - Offers Weekly and Monthly Staff Remotely for any kind of customer service, accounting, or administrative work. - Web Forum for Call centers. - Totally Hosted Web Based IP-Pabx System, Very Low priced. Place an order, choose your area code, choose extension qty. IP-PABX ships you IP phones, you plug them on the internet, and voila! You have a PBX system up and running. The extensions can ring anywhere in the world, and are easily moved from place to place. Visit the for demo, or email us for a free test account. - JetNumbers provides virtual phone numbers from France as well as other 60 countries over the world. The calls can be forwarded to any international destination, including a call center, a regular phone line, a SIP phone or even Skype. Free trials are available - Total Solution for your ippbx requirement. starting from $1500 only for a 2 pstn line and 10 ip phone lines and 100 extensions, superpbx ranges from 2 lines to 16 e1/t1's

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