Swissvoice IP10S

Swissvoice IP10S - SIP IP Phone

The IP10S edition is the SIP-based version and is a relatively cheap option to work with Asterisk. The graphics and the layout on the screen are particularly cute, probably the nicest one of all phones around right now (no kidding).

The firmware had a few annoying bugs (device ramdomly rebooting and so on) but they release upgrades you can install thru tftp/ftp. Currently (as of June 2005) it's a cheap option with all basic features but a not so good handsfree full duplex speakerphone and dialing keys.

You can set it up with an easy web interface, screen menus, telnet interface or uploading a config file during the boot, but there are features you'll see on web that you cannot configure thru telnet/config file and vice versa. Anyway, it's a nice option for the price.

Firmware Updates
Latest release 22nd June 2005

Where to buy

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