Swyx It !

SwyxIt! adds user-friendly and powerful telephone functions to your PC. SwyxIt! can be operated by simple intuition and leaves traditional phones far behind, regarding user friendliness, function and flexibility.

The user requirements for phones are as individual as its users' tasks. Due to the fact that traditional PBXs can only offer standard solutions to specific requirements, intelligent telephony solutions can dramatically improve productivity as call delivery can be flexibly adapted to individual communication requirements. By using the innovative skin technology, SwyxIt!'s user interface can be easily configured and customised according to personal needs.

Individual User Skin

Users can customise the range of functions as well as the software skin on the PC screen exactly to fit particular tasks. With a mouse click new speed dials can be added or their labelling changed. All elements of SwyxIt! can be modified corresponding to individual needs. Therefore, SwyxIt! is the absolutely tailormade telephony solution.

Apart from the flexibility of its functions, SwyxIt! offers the possibility to create a graphical user interface according to any personal taste. The colour, size and look of the keys can be changed and any background screen can be selected for a completely individual appearance. This unique flexibility can also be used to adjust the telephony interface to reflect corporate identity for business or work flow specific requirements.

The supplied skin editor enables PC users to make those changes rapidly. However, Swyx also offers an extensive choice of preconfigured skins to select from at any time.

Integrated Call Routing

The Call Routing Manager offers intelligent and efficient case by case routing capabilities. It increases the possibility of accessing employees of a company, so that incoming calls no longer get "lost".

If a user logs on, SwyxIt! can signal this to the user's colleagues and also show them when this user is making or receiving phone calls. If someone is attending a meeting, on the way to a customer or at home, SwyxIt! automatically forwards all incoming calls to given rerouting destinations depending on criteria such as time of day, weekdays, holidays or on an entry in Microsoft's Outlook calendar all according to user defined rules and conditions. For example, calls can be routed to the mobile phone of the requested person, to another team member or, of course, to the integrated SwyxWare voice mail box. With just a few mouse clicks rerouting of calls becomes a child's play to every user.

Computer Telephony Integration

SwyxIt! offers powerful telephony functions for every PC application which is equipped with the standard TAPI support (e.g. CRM software or inventory control system). Simply by using drag & drop any PC application will allow you to use phone numbers and to establish an immediate call.

One Click Application Sharing

Application Sharing is one of SwyxWare's new functions. This feature enables one party of a phone call to transfer your desktop to the other user. Additionally, there is a choice of only showing your desktop or even enabling the other user to change it remotely. Therefore, Application Sharing is an ideal aid. It not only allows users to jointly discuss documents or calculations, but it also lets the administrator take over helpdesk functions.


More information and screen shots can be found at IPtelecoms Home Page

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