Swyx announce a new UK based support company to assist in maintenance, installation and Sales of Swyx. all these services available as a white label offering and is open to ANY Swyx reseller. The company is IPIT ltd, based in the City of London it has the only bespoke Swyx showroom available to the channel in the UK and employs the most experienced engineers in the product.

Swyx provides the most advanced software-based IP telephony system on the market. Using your existing IP (internet protocol) network and Microsoft® Server, Swyx offers you all the functionality of a traditional telephony system with so much more, including integrating voice with email and fax; while also allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits of business-class VoIP.

With Swyx you will also be able to work remotely from almost anywhere, accessing all your communications through your inbox - with access to free peer-to-peer calls and free conference calls. And because a Swyx solution is software-based it will move and grow with your business no matter how many people you may have.

Swyx is a fully featured compercial PBX (Telephone System) in software.

Swyx Server software runs on Microsoft Windows 2003 server or Windows 2008 server and offers a extensive range of features. With such things as
  • Advanced Voice Mail, with options for CLI, Time and Date, DDI / MSN, etc. Dependant Anouncements.
  • Call Recording
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Integration of VB into inbound call
  • Text to Speech
  • Full integration into Active Directory or LDAP

Swyx can connect to the public network via a range of line types

  • SIP Trunks
  • Public SIP ENUM Links
  • ISDN 2e
  • ISDN 30e
  • E1
  • T1

With support for a range of codec's, hardware and other software this is propbably the best Soft PBX on the comercial market at present. Its ease of implementation into Windows Networks makes it the Ideal product for anyone qualified on this type of network. And with the dedicated support and develoopmet team working on it this product should remain a market leader for years to come.

Other benefits of Swyx include:

Total scalability – SwyxWare is a software phone system that is scalable and can support any number of employees, offices or countries
Improved productivity - Get the latest IP functions so you can offer the best customer service and gain competitive advantage
ECR (Extended call routing) - Never miss a call as it could be your biggest prospect or most important customer
One Network - Manage just one network with no need for expensive voice engineers
Easy administration – adding users or routing calls can all be done internally in seconds, meaning there is no need for expensive engineers
Free Calls - Gain access to free call tariffs and only pay for what you use
Microsoft Integration – Integrates with all existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook, CRM, billing and email
Cost of Ownership – SwyxWare utilises your existing data network and Microsoft® server application which means no requirement for voice engineers and there is no need for phones as the softphone and a headset can be used.

What is the Current Version of Swyx?
Swyx is currently at version 6.20

Where can I get Consultancy, Integration & Support for Swyx?

Where can I find more technical information on Swyx?

Try the UK's Swyx Support Company IPIT IPIT ltd

Try the dedicated Swyx Wiki
Try the dedicated Swyx Support Forum
Try the dedicated Swyx Forum - the independent Swyx community


Product Overview

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