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Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer is generally known as SBO. It is a bandwidth solution for VoIP call termination. There are a plenty of good features in SBO. Among these, the most important and highly recognized one is bandwidth optimization. reduce operation cost directly by 80% without compromising with service quality.
The most updated and best features of SBO is SBO Multipath V.3. It include a wide range of facilities for termination business. Nowadays, you can easily plug a number of internet connection at a time to develop your service quality.


In VoIP, we consider transmission cost as one of the major expenditure. Considering such situation, SBO Multipath concentrates on operation cost and it become success to reduces operating expenditure up to 80% by applying it's highly technical features.

SBO works with any types of NAT and firewall internet,So, there a good change to run business even in highly restricted network. SBO Multipath also increases route performance by increasing Average Call Duration by two to three minutes. Multipath feature also give you an opportunity to plug more than one internet connections at the same time irrespective of types of networks. For example, 3g, 4g, EDGE, Wi-Fi, YMAX etc. These connections can be used simultaneously for your VoIP termination establishment which can balance load among available networks.

key features of SBO Multipath.

1. The most important feature of SBO is, it can reduce bandwidth cost directly by 80% without degrading service quality.
2. SBO works with any type of firewall and has capacity to avoid blockage issue. That means, it has anti-block feature.
3. Work with all commonly used codes such as G.729, G.723 etc.
4. Multipath: SBO multipath allow you to use number of internet connection same time. These connections can be used simultaneously for your VoIP termination establishment which can balance load among available networks and it develop service quality expectedly.
5. Highly secure and linux based software.
6. Full featured billing platform SyncSwitch is integrated with SBO. It help you to check CDR, ACD, add or remove clients.
7. Work as third party software.
8. Increase Average Call Duration (ACD) by 2-3 minutes;
9. Works with both real IP and local IP. That means it is not mandatory to arrange real ip. Public or share ip is enough to run your business.
10. Technical support is available 24/7 (265). Our support team is highly experienced and skilled.

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