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VoIPly Unlimited Fax for $5/month
  • FREE Number or Port Your Number
  • FREE Activation and 30 Day Trial
  • Send & Receive Faxes Via Email
Faxage Wholesale API Faxing
  • Reliably send and receive faxes via API
  • All TDM network, provision DIDs, CDR access
  • Scale to 1000s of DIDs, millions of minutes
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What is T38modem www.openh323.org?
  • It is not a modem.
  • From a FAX application's view point (e.g. HylaFAX) T38modem looks like a class 1 FAX modem pool.
  • From an IP network view point it's a H.323 endpoint with T.38 FAX support. Recent versions also support SIP.
  • From your view point it's a gateway between a fax application and an IP network.

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