TCAUG MAN 20050108

TwinCities Asterisk User Group / Saturday Jan 8, 2005
At our Thrid Meeting:
We Discussed the Dundi protocol and how we might as a group share our dialplans to call directly. Several members enabled Dundi on their systems and we've learned quite a bit in the last 4 weeks. I think if we have a working group, we can join several of the larger networks. As usual we ordered a pizza, and gave away free FXO clone cards for first time attendees.

Agenda for Saturday, Jan 8th
- 11:30 to 11:45 - Introductions
- 11:45 to 12:05 - Discuss the Dundi protocol.
- 12:05 to 12:25 - Review Jasons changes to his extensions.conf
- Alternate idea if Jason isn't ready, New numbering and tags for extensions.conf
- 12:25 - Order the Pizza
- 12:25 to Pizza - Add Dundi to the SCC development network and someones Asterisk machine.
- 1:00ish to 1:30 - Wrap up, discussions of next meeting, Agenda ideas...

A signin book or guest book wasn't passed around, so add your name if you made this meeting date.

Eric Osterberg
Jason Brockman
Shane Young
Dave Walters
Kelly Murphy
Many others...

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