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REQUEST: Is anyone interested in writing an application for an information line for the group. This is a much bigger project, but internally we have discussed a phone list concept, similar to an email list, but more like a voice classifieds system. Really the idea was to allow members/users to subscribe to voice annoucements and reminders. Wouldn't it be cool, to have Asterisk call and remind you at a scheduled time about when the next meeting has been set. Or how about the idea of any user asking a question and anyone could listen and call that person back, without either user giving out their phone number (if privacy was wanted?) You could limit the hours the system would forward calls, etc. This is a bit of a huge project, but I love the concept and evenmore that it wouldn't cost anything but some time to setup.

RESPONSE: I'm interested in putting some time into this project. Here's a quick summary of how I think we could accomplish this:
  • setup an extension (in Asterisk, obviously) that uses the Record app to capture a message
  • after the message is saved, call an AGI script (probably use Asterisk::AGI) which would write a row to SQL (messageID, timestamp, filename, parentMessageID (used to maintain a hierarchy for message threading))
  • create different "notification plugins" so users can choose how they want to be notified (ex: email with .wav attachment, RSS feed, dial SIP | IAX | PSTN and playback the message, SMS, etc)
  • use cron so notifications can be asynchronous
  • integration with some kind of CMS (nuke, wiki) for registration, authentication, authorization
Obviously, I need to think more about this concept but I thought I'd add a few thoughts. I'll play around a little and see what comes out of this. If anyone has comments/suggestions, let me know. Pete
RESPONSE: Hi Pete, this might be a fun project to work on as a group. Would you like to create a db schema and we can openly work out issues and divide up the coding work? I love group projects, and open discussion is the truest type of "open Source" out there.
RESPONSE: I agree completely. The chances of this project becoming a reality is _significanlty_ increased if I'm not the only one working on it (I get distracted easily...). I'll try to spend some time this weekend on a db schema prototype. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town on the 20th so I can't attend the meeting. I'll create a project page on the wiki where we can share/discuss things so this page isn't so cluttered. Thanks!

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