A way to carry telephony trunks over an IP connection.



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"TDM-over-IP (TDMoIP) is a technology that enables voice and leased-line services such as video and data to be offered inexpensively over service provider IP networks while retaining the reliability and quality of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In this article, we'll discuss the technical challenges inherent in transporting TDM circuits over IP networks, how TDMoIP technology meets those challenges, and the standards shaping TDMoIP and related technologies."

TDMoIP is a transport technology developed and patented by RAD for carrying E1, T1, E3 or T3 circuits across the packet-switched network (PSN), transparent to all protocols and signaling. It enables enterprises to run voice, video, legacy data and LAN data over the same packet-based network that is currently used to run only LAN traffic, thereby minimizing network maintenance and operating costs.
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