Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TFTP is a simple form of FTP protocol that uses UDP and provides almost no security. It is mostly used to boot diskless workstations as well as transferring small files between hosts. TFTP Protocol is explained in RFC 1350.

Some FREE and useful TFTP applications includes:

  • WinAgents TFTP Server - TFTP server with enhanced security control working as Windows service
  • SolarWinds TFTP Server - Free TFTP server from SolarWinds toolset
  • tftpd32 - A very small, fast and free TFTP client/server application
  • TFTPUtil - An open source TFTP server
  • DNSMASQ DNS / DHCP / TFTP server. Single config file and good for quick setups to update phones

If you are a *nix user, then you do not need to install third party tftp applications since your *nix has built-in support for tftp protocol. In most *nix variants, the user only needs to uncomment appropriate line in /etc/inetd.conf file.

TFTP Manager module for FreePBX v2.X
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