Small Business PBX manufactured by Talkswitch.
Comes in both traditional analog and VoIP versions.

TalkSwitch(originally Centrepoint Technologies) launched the TalkSwitch line of all-in-one PBXs in 2000, building on the features developed for Concero. With advanced call handling, voicemail, auto attendants and remote extension capabilities, TalkSwitch is a powerful, flexible system for companies with 1 to 64 phone users. And TalkSwitch is an IP/PSTN hybrid PBX, affordable combining the best of both worlds.

TalkSwitch is an all-in-one system. Unlike most other PBXs, TalkSwitch delivers full functionality without add-on modules or software. The 'all-in-one' approach provides customers a simple, easy-to-understand purchase decision. It delivers all of the necessary features to handle calls productively and project a more professional image, as well as enabling advanced remote extensions, which allow users to stay connected in all business work zones - office, teleworking, mobile. Teleworker support has been greatly improved in software version 5.0 and later as remote IP phones can now be registered as local extensions. Software version 5.0 also saw the release of multi language support.

TalkSwitch is also easy to deploy, compared to complicated traditional PBX systems. Its configurations can be customized on a PC through included user-friendly Windows-based software. By design, the system is easy enough to install and configure that end-customers can do it themselves, reducing initial and ongoing communication costs. And TalkSwitch seamlessly accommodates growth from 2 lines and 4 extensions up to 64 lines (32 analog and 32 VoIP) and 64 extensions with its modular architecture and LAN network-ability. TalkSwitch also works very well in a multi-office or branch office environment when using VoIP.

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See also for further details on the Talkswitch 48CVA SOHO hybrid IP PBX.

With the latest release of Talkswitch software (4.0), the product can now function in an all analog mode (CO lines and extensions), all VOIP mode, or, any combination thereof. With Talkswitch software version 4.10, you can license 8 additional IP extensions on any recent Talkswitch box with a network port. See the comparison of Talkswitch Models and Talkswitch Phones. Also see for phone systems.

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