Telappliant / VoIPtalk

  • Official UK Distributor for Digium, Grandstream, IPDialog, Swissvoice
  • Channel Partner for Eicon Networks, Jasomi, Mediatrix, Vegastream, Sipura, SNOM, Speedtouch

  • Internet Telephony Solutions Provider (IP PBX, Bespoke solutions)

  • VoIPtalk Connect - VoIP Termination Service, featuring incoming numbers from over 600 UK cities, International numbering from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, USA. Low outgoing call rates. White label solutions for service providers. Easy online topup and purchasing.

  • VoIPtalk Direct - online shopping site for most well known products. Price match / beat guarantee.

  • Protocol: SIP, IAX
  • UK-based

Easy setup for inbound / outbound calls using SIP/IAX2. Telappliant has extensive configuration instructions for various handsets on its VoIPtalk web site.

  • Peered with multiple VoIP providers so free calls to other networks
  • Features such as Voicemail, Time of Day Forwarding, SMS Callback
  • Inbound geo / non-geo numbering
  • Wide codec support

Their call quality meets or exceeds PSTN quality.

  • available in Hosted and Standalone versions, and has a comprehensive web management console for both administrators and users.

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