Telchemy is the developer of VQmon, a widely used VoIP call quality monitoring and analysis technology. VQmon/EP is integrated into IP phones, gateways and soft clients. VQmon/SA is integrated into probes, analyzers and routers.

Telchemy also led the development of RTCP XR (RFC3611), SIP QoS Reporting, the RTCP XR MIB and a wide range of other VoIP performance management protocols.

Telchemy has two basic philosophies:

(i) VoIP and IPTV performance management should use a distributed model, with lightweight agents integrated into IP endpoints and key intermediate points.

(ii) IP problems tend to be transient in nature, and hence it is vital to measure the distribution of lost and discarded packets rather than just the average packet loss rate and jitter level.

Telchemy has also contributed to the industry in their work on IP impairment measurement and modeling. They developed the MAPDV jitter measure (ITU G.1020) and the new ITU G.1050 IP impairment model (based on time series modeling).

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