TeleCom-DesignGroup DAHDI drivers: DS1x1F

I've gone through the DS1X1F Zaptel (ver 2.14) driver and converted it to compile under Dahdi 2.0.0. Also, fixed the other compile warnings and complaints. It compiles, <strong>but I haven't tested it yet with the card</strong> because the system with this card is in production. So please comment if you test this out.

You can find the download at:

I patched dahdi-linux-2.0.0/drivers/dahdi/Kbuild as follows:

< obj-$(DAHDI_BUILD_ALL)$(CONFIG_DAHDI_DS1X1F) += ds1x1f.o

Also patched dahdi-linux-2.0.0/drivers/dahdi/Kconfig as follows:

< config DAHDI_DS1X1F
< tristate "DS1X1F T1 Support"
< depends on DAHDI && PCI
< default DAHDI
< ---help---
< To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
< module will be called ds1x1f.
< If unsure, say Y.

Created by: kc8esj, Last modification: Tue 25 of Nov, 2008 (19:33 UTC)
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