TeleReminder is a system for making automated calls to large volumes of users and playing a pre-recorded message.

Created by Asterisk IT the developers of AsterFax and The Receptionist Console.

TeleReminder is designed for applications such as

  • Debt Collection
  • Political Campaigns
  • Marketing
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Goods pickup reminders
  • Courtesy Calls

TeleReminder allows a campaign administrator to create a campaign which is defined as:

  • a list of phone numbers to dial
  • a message to play
  • a schedule time to run the campaign

Two methods are available to record the message.

The first uses the client application to trigger the server to call the administrator and then the recording can be made via the administrator's phone. Alternatively a pre-recorded message can be uploaded directly to TeleReminder.

TeleReminder is able to deliver up to 240 simultaneous messages per server which equates to approximately 230,000 messages per 8 hour day (assuming a 30 second call time). Multiple servers can be combined to deliver higher volumes of messages.

TeleReminder is a client/server application written in Java 1.5 and requires Asterisk 1.x to operate.

For more information go to TeleReminder

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