TeleRep Performance Optimizer

World Cheapest Predictive Dialer!
TeleRep Performance Optimizer Predictive Dialer is Hosted Web Based solution for Call Centers (with FREE DNC Scrubbing for US) that works from any where in the world with virtually unlimited agents. It's a prepaid pay as you go service. You just pay for the calls you make as our system allows you to add your own TRUNK so you can make calls to anywhere in the world with your own terminator. Pricing are as low as 0.014c/minute plus you will also save hundreds of $$$ with free DNC Scrubbing by using our hosted service.

· Free DNC Scrubbing for US Call Centers
· Web Based Live Administration
· Distributed Virtual Call Center
· Campaign Management
· Campaign Start/Stop Scheduling
· Multiple Campaigns at a time
· Agent Login from home
· Press 1 for Live Transfer
· Support from 1-1000 users
· No Minimum Commitment
· Pricing as low as 0.014c/minute
· Use Your Own Carrier
· No Dedicated Hardware/Software Required
· Free Phone/Email Support
· Live up-to-minute statistics

Before starting TeleRep Performance Optimizer Predictive Dialer Solutions, our team along with Global IT & Telecom Ltd A British Company amassed 7 years of experience building first class, mission-critical voice and Internet applications for large and small corporate clients. Our solution resides in a Tier-1 data center and employs the latest in voice and Internet technology to ensure security, redundancy, and the highest quality of service.

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Muhammad Zulqarnain
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