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Telebroad is a top industry leader in PBX phone systems. Their mission is to provide their customers with flexible and affordable service that includes feature-rich communication tools that satisfy their businesses demands. The three founders of Telebroad designed their company with one mission in mind: revolutionize business communication by providing their clients with the most reliable and flexible method of communication at a fraction of the cost. Since 2005 Telebroad has been providing this service successfully to businesses all over the nation.

What Industries has Telebroad Served?

Telebroad has a seasoned client base throughout the different industries that require high quality phone service. Some of these industries include B2B, non profit organizations, retail, healthcare facilities, legal institutions, real estate and many more. With their foot in most industries, Telebroad understands the needs that different types of businesses have, and works to eliminate the issues of communications through their phone service.

Advantages of a PBX Phone System service from Telebroad

Important overall advantages of choosing PBX Phone System service from Telebroad for your business include the following:

  • Telebroad prides themselves on being available to their clients, and providing exceptional service. Many businesses praise Telebroad for their customer satisfaction skills with a proclaimed, "Second to none!".
  • With Telebroad there are no hidden fees, fine print, no restrictions, no exta costs. What you see is what you are getting. With that level of transparency you know exactly what you sign up for.

PBX Phone System Service Plans Available for Business

Telebroad's PBX Phone System can be specifically structured to meet the needs of small companies (of less than 50 users) and mid-sized enterprises (of 50 to 500 users). Comprehensive phone service plans available for clients from Telebroad include the following:

Starter - Starting at $129.95 per month, the Starter plan offers one doorphone, three employee extensions, and multiple phone features that include: automatic auto attendant, voicemail to email, three way calling, and eFax. This plan is ideal for you when you are starting out and need the basics. Telebroad can fulfill your starter needs with this excellent plan.

Small Office - Looking to hook up your small office with the a strong and reliable phone system? This is the plan for you! With one executive extension, seven employee extensions, one conference room extension and one doorphone, this plan gives you the tools to set up with small office for success. Don't forget about the awesome features that include Direct Dial numbers for executives, call monitoring, call recording and much more. At only $339.95 per month Telebroad can help you satisfy your small office phone system demands while providing excellent customer service so that you never feel alone.

Mid-Sized Office - Taking the next step in supporting your mid-sized office's phone needs can be stressful, but with Telebroad you can rest assured that you will be providing your office with a reliable phone system and minimal worry. This plan offers twenty extensions for only $799.95 per month. At that price you get two executive extensions, twenty employee extensions, one conference room extension, one doorphone, and one storage room/kitchen extension. Additional features include: dedicated fax line, PLUS conference line up to 15 callers, extension dialing and much more!

  • Telebroad understands that every businesses needs are unique to their structure and operations. They offer a "Quote Me" option so that you can fit your package uniquely to your office's needs.

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