Telewest UK PRI setup details

Telewest UK PRI setup details!!

How to get Telewest in the UK to configure your PRI line to allow you to set your caller ID

You need to ask for Telewest provisioning to add all your possible numbers to the allowed list for your circuit (by default none are added). This is usually a list of your main numbers and all your possible DDI's.

Calling Presentation should be set to 0 in your dialplan.

exten => _X.,1,callingpres(0)

And you need to supply a 10 digit number with the leading 0 dropped

exten => _X.,4,setcallerid(1268466100)

If you fail to supply a callerid, or it's the wrong length or not in your list of permitted numbers they will stamp a default callerid, you can ask provisioning to set this to any of your allowable numbers.

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